Eastern Front is a free mod for Company of Heroes. Following the ethos of mimicking a Relic Entertainment expansion pack, Eastern Front has succeeded in adding two full new factions, the Soviet Red Army and the German Ostheer, packed with unique and exciting units to the existing armies - a feat never before achieved in the Company of Heroes world.

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Changelog for the new released patch for Eastern Front. Quite extense, but it's worthy to read :).

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Eastern Front Patch 1.40

'Rise of the Aces!'

* Completely revamped AI. For detailed changes, read below.
* Some pieces of our OST have been replaced or updated. General quality of our OST has also been updated.
* Due to some production pipe line faults, some things in the changelog may be incorrect and there may be things missing in the changelog. Sorry about that :<

* Eastern Front is now up to date with all balance changes from 2.602.

* Redesigned Propaganda Strategy.
- Left Hand Side now looks like this:
- - Naval Infantry (2 CP)
- - - Call in a squad of elite Naval Infantry
- - The Red Tide (2 CP)
- - - Same as before
- - Stalin Organ
- - - Same as before
- Right Hand Side now looks like this:
- - Not One Step Back!
- - - Same as before
- - ZiS-3
- - - Ingenery can now Build ZiS-3 emplacements
- - God of War
- - - New and more lovely then before, known internally as God of War 2.0
* Removed Trenches from Soviets.
* Soviet MG-Nests can now be built by Ingenery without an upgrade.
* SU-85 Changes
- Hitpoints set to 420
- Armour changed to 'Sherman'
- Main gun now based on the M10 with the following changes:
- - Penetration modifier vs Tiger/Panther/Stug/Jagdpanther/ set at 0.7.
- - Damage modifier vs Marder armour set at 1.5.
- - Accuracy modifier vs puma set at 1.2.
- Received accuracy set at 0.8.
- Fuel cost dropped to 55.
* Guards changes
- Guards now come equipped with 'Guard Mosins'.
- Guards can now be upgraded to have 4 SVT-40s for 75 munitions.
- Guards global upgrade gives equipment as normal, but now a DP-28 gunner is added.
- Upkeep to now matches rangers.
- Remove slowdown ability for shock guards.
- Shock Guard upgrade cost set to 25 fuel.
* Added SU-122 as reward unit for KV-2
- SU-122 has the following changes:
- - Hitpoints set to 400.
- - Armour changed to 'Hetzer'.
- - Gun is similar to the KV-2 except toned down a bit but fires faster.
* KV-1 and KV-85 act as one single reward replacing T34/76 and T34/85 (not call ins)
- KV-1 matches Churchill with the following changes:
- - Cost set at 410 manpower 70 fuel.
- - Speed set at 3.5.
- - Received damage set at 0.85.
- - Gun changed to match the Sherman 75.
- - Build time set to 50.
- - Accuracy vs infantry types set to 0.7 from 0.75.
* KV-85 matches Churchill with the following changes:
- - Cost set at 500 manpower 90 fuel.
- - Speed set at 4.
- - Received damage set at 0.85.
- - Gun changed to match the T34/85s with minor changes.
- - Build time set to 55.
- Veterancy for both KVs to match KV-2.
* Nashorn set as reward unit for the PE's doctrinal Flak 88
- Nashorn stats:
- - Same cost than Flak 88.
- - Health set at 400.
- - Armour type 'Hummel'.
- - Movement stats to match Hummel except by rotation set to 30.
- - Gun stats match Flak 88.
- - Penetrates 30% more.
- - Needs to be locked down to fire.
- - Lock down ability has a cooldown of 15 secs and will start firing 15 secs after locked down.
* SU-76 Replaces Lend Lease Sherman
- SU-76 stats:
- - Health set at 350
- - Armour type 'Stuart'
- - Movement stats to match T70
- - Gun to match current Lend Lease Sherman's 76mm including the AP rounds
- - Veterancy and Cost to match Lend Lease Sherman
* IS-3 replaces ISU-152 as an optional reward unit.
- Limited to 1 per match.
- Pershing armour and movement
- 1100 health
- 0.75 received penetration
- 0.75 received damage
- 900mp cost
- Veterancy requirements to matches Jagdpanther and veterancy bonus to match IS2
- Gun based on the Tiger1 88mm with following changes:
- - Reload 7.5-7.5
- - Range 45
- - Damage 165
- - Penetration vs Tiger/Panther 0.866
- - Penetration vs Jagdpanther 0.766
- - Set basic penetration of 0.9 at long range.
* RMC Lt. and Captains have health regeneration of 0.027.
* Molotov cocktail burning duration increased to 10 seconds.
* Guards SVT-40 damage increased to 15.
* T90 gun rebalanced.
* Naval Infantry and Guard Infantry DP-28 stats will be based on the 2.602 LMG42 with 0.13 accuracy at long range and able to fire on the move and search radius to match BAR.
* RMC Lt. veterancy need amendment is now in line with the 2.602.
* Soviet flamers now matches other flamers from 2.602 patch.
* Replace current US Sherman 76 model for Loran Korn's one.
* Change back to when you got a T34/76 with tank riders and then did the T34/85 upgrade you replaced it, not get it as an additional option.
* Remove SU100 from the soviet.
* Soviet mortar now gets normal barrage ability.
* DP-28 Red Banner special ability no longer immobilizes the squad. Instead it reduces movement of the squad and provides 0.8 received damage, 0.8 received accuracy and 25% reduced suppression modifiers. It is now a timed ability instead.
* Sharpshooter and Spotter health decreased to 60 and 45 respectively.
* Swapped around veterancy 2/3 bonuses for Sharpshooter Team.
* Reduced Spotter's gun range to 40.
* Strelky no longer receive Airborne armour at veterancy 1. Instead they get 0.8 received damage modifier.
* Tank hunters pop set back to 4.
* Strelky PPSh-41 upgrade cost set at 75 munition.
* Strelky DP-28 upgrade cost set at 50 munition.
* Health of all ZiS-2 guns changed to 390 to match 2.602 retail patch.
* T34/76 build time decreased to 45.
* ZiS-2 gun re-crew cost set to 23 manpower per member.
* Removed munition cost for barrage and munition upkeep for the ISU-152.
* Re-set all soviet rifles' damage modifier vs elite/heroic armour at 0.75.
* Soviet AT grenades in now 'homing in' like a sticky bomb.
* DP-28 accuracy incremental changed from 1.02 to 1.08.
* T34s with Tank Riders call in now costs 650 manpower.
* All mosin guns now have moving accuracy modifier set back to 0.5 to match M1/Kar98 .
* Conscript Mosins version 1 and 2 now does half of the suppression they had before.
* Conscript rifle damage dropped to damage 9.
* Conscript health reduced by 3 health per man.
* Sherman Jumbos can now be individually upgraded with 76mm canons.
* Global veterancy bonus from Command Squad back to 6% per level.
* Lowered Conscript capping speed to 1.2.
* Conscripts and Strelky reinforcement time set as US rifleman.
* RMC Jeeps damage reduced by 0.5 for each member.
* Replace Jagdtiger with old vCOH Tiger Ace as reward unit (but black skin!).
* Added Daimler Scout Car Variants
- MG variant replaces the 30cal jeep - Identical stats
* Added Daimler light Armoured Car to the RMC glider
- Hard capped at 1
- Movement same as an sdkfz222
- Armour to match Bren carrier and health 240
- Gun Based on the US Staghound's 37mm with the following changes:
- - Damage: 35-40
- - Reload: 2-2
- - Cool down: 3-2.5
- - Cost: 260 manpower 20 fuel
* Red Banner Strelky research fuel cost changed to 70 fuel.
* IS2 gun damage modifier vs Tiger armour reduced to 1.3 and deflection damage set to 0.15.
* Removed Penal Troops.
* Conscripts can now gain veterancy
- At Veterancy 2 they gain the full rifles.
- At Veterancy 3 they become un-suppressible.
* Molotov's is now an upgrade of its own in the armoury.

Bug Fixes
* Removed coaxial and hull mg from Katyushas and ZiS-5.
* RMC Recon Upgrade once again have the sharpshooter ability.
* Ingenery mines has been fixed.
* Sniper Ace will be now be decloaked while retreating.
* Command Squad can no longer capture heavy weapons / emplacements.
* Fixed missing Sherman Jumbo doesn't have firing sounds.
* Fixed Comet and RMC AT Jeep missed projectiles.
* ISU-152 can no longer use the barrage ability if his main gun has been destroyed.
* Veterancy earned by PE troops using soviet captured heavy weapons is no longer buggy.
* Fixed Kursk mini map that was messed up.
* Guards at vet 1 are no longer suppressible.
* Tank Riders can now capture points while riding a tank.
* Fixed that activating observer mode in sniper team doesn't affect the spotter.
* Comet/Achilles/SAS Jeeps now has voices.
* Upgraded ZiS-2 has now speech.
* The shortcut key for the Ingenery's Cut Wire ability no longer conflicts with that of the Retreat to Medic Truck ability.
* The shortcut key for the CW and RMC Sappers' Cut Wire ability no longer conflicts with that of the Retreat to Captain ability.
* Sniper Ace, Partisans, Artillery Firebases, ISU-152, have the requirement of when it reached its hard cap, is now "Only available at one time".
* Victory Target now works with RMC 25lbs.
* Ingeneries and Sturmovie Ingeneries are no longer gathered as the same unit when double click one of those.

* Delete unused Soviet building tab.
* Added RMC glider to building tab.
* Fixed Guard SVT Muzzle Flash.
* Created mixed RMC squads with different helmeted version of the marine's in a squad.
* Add lock down sign for the medic truck.
* Replaced JagdpanzerIV with newer from Blitzkrieg.
* Replaced Sherman Jumbo model with the one from Halftrack.
* Move RMC Achilles next to RMC Staghound to remove the gap between them.
* Made the Soviet MG emplacement's crew invincible, as well as the weapon_capture_squads that recrew it.
* Leaves camo set at veterancy 1 for Jagdpanther (visual change only).
* Partisans no longer appear with hats and sometimes not.
* Partisans no longer use mosin/kar98s at the same time.
* When MG nest gunners are killed and then reoccupied, the MG nest icon no longer changes to AT gun.
* Mortar teams no longer have flickering textures.
* Fixed pink mega map icon of Both Jeeps.
* Fixed pink M-10 model.
* Fixed icons for RMC-jeeps.
* Red Banner Strelky ability "The Red Flag"(PPSh-41) now have icon above the unit when active like other abilities. It now has Fire-up icon.
* Added critical pictures and critical damages pictures for soviets vehicles.
* Sturmovie Ingenery have a new icon.
* PTRD now has a proper model.
* Updated various front-end 2d art.

- Leningrad map has been updated.
- Added [EF] Battle of Mahiljou (4) by beagletank
- Added [EF] Kotelnikovo (2) by Sylver
- Added [EF] Grodno (4) by theplay
- Added [EF] Hinderdam (4) by dcw

* Building Hotkeys
- Ingenery - I
- Command Squad - C
- Sturmovie Ingenery - S
- Conscripts - C
- Strekly - S
- Guards - G
- Tank Hunters - H
- Mortar Team - M
- Sharpshooter - S
- ZiS-2 Team - Z
- Medic Truck - T
- T-70 - L(ight Tank)
- T-90 - A(nti-Infantry)
- T-34 - S(tandard)
- T-34/85 - T(ank)
- SU-85 - U
- IS-2 Tank - I
* Changed some additional hotkeys. Try them out.

Detailed AI Changes

* All AI factions have a 40% chance of using non call-in reward units.
* General minor AI improvements in micromanagement and similar.
* Chooses build-order and tech-tree better according to situation.
* Chooses doctrine more properly according to situation.
* AI now throws grenades at proper targets.
* AI vehicles won't run away as often when being repaired and will more often retreat to be repaired.
* Captured howitzers will fire barrages.
* Most artillery units will use shoot-and-scoot tactics.
* AI won't spam smoke abilities.

* AI will now use 'Paradrop engineers' when HQ destroyed.
* AI will now use 'Off-map combat group'.
* AI will not use 'Air reconnaissance'.
* T17 now uses 'White phosphorus rounds'.
* M8 greyhound now uses 'Armored car mine drop'.
* Hellcat now uses 'Camouflage'.
* Riflemen won't use 'Suppression fire' on vehicle.
* Snipers won't fire on enemy vehicles or empty buildings.
* AI will now use halftracks and infantry will garrison them
* And many other minor improvements...

* HQ trucks 'Set up' AI improved.
* Recon tommies now uses 'Deploy marksman'.
* Bren LMG tommies uses 'Button enemy vehicle'.
* Cromwell uses 'Flank speed'.
* Churchill won't use 'Tank shock' against on vehicle.
* Stuart won't use 'Fire canister round' on garrisoned infantry.
* 17pdr AT uses 'Face weapon' for tracking target.
* Officers uses 'Retreat'.
* Officers with low health rarely charge to the enemy for use 'FOO barrage'.
* Officers don't use 'Maintain command range' on recon tommies and any commando squads.
* Captain uses 'Victor target'.
* Lieutenant uses 'Heroic charge' more frequently.
* British infantry uses 'Withdraw to captain's position' more tactically
* Bren carrier won't use 'AP burst' against infantry.
* Commando uses 'Concealing smoke'.
* AI will use 'Glider HQ' to produce commando weapon teams
* And many other minor improvements...

* AI will use 'Wehrmacht reinforcements' when HQ destroyed.
* AI will use 'V1 rocket'.
* AI will use Officer 'Supervision'.
* AI will use 'Salvage wreck'.
* Pak38 AT uses 'Camouflage'.
* Stormtroopers uses 'Camouflage'.
* Sniper won't fire on enemy vehicles or empty buildings.
* AI won't use 'Assault' on enemy vehicles or tanks.
* AI wont send any command to infantry squad using 'Assault'.
* Volksgrenadiers and Knight's Cross Holders won't use 'Fire Panzerfaust' on infantry.
* AI should not spam so many pumas.
* AI will use halftracks more often
* Many other minor improvements...

Panzer Elite
* AI will use 'Reinforcements' when HQ destroyed.
* AI will use 'Air-dropped SD-2 butterfly bombs'.
* AI Bergetiger will use 'Recover wreck'.
* AI Marder III tank hunter uses 'Site main gun'.
* AI Panzer IV infantry support tank uses 'Rapid fire'.
* AI Armored car uses 'Overdrive'.
* AI Light AT halftrack uses 'Tread breaker'.
* AI Light AT halftrack uses 'Focused firing'.
* AI Schwimmwagen type 128 uses 'Mark target'.
* AI Schwimmwagen type 128 uses 'Incendiary trap'.
* AI Schwimmwagen type 128 uses 'Mine drop'.
* AI Kettenkrad uses 'Booby traps'.
* AI Kettenkrad uses 'Camouflage'.
* AI Hetzer uses 'Camouflage'.
* AI Infantry uses 'Sprint' more frequently.
* AI Fallschirmjägers won't use 'Fire Panzerfaust' on infantry.
* AI G43 panzer grenadiers uses 'Suppressive volley fire'.
* AI Panzer grenadiers uses 'Booby Traps'.
* AI will use 'Panther battle group'.
* And many other minor improvements...

* Soviet Infantry will use grenades are satchel charges more smartly.
* Command Squad and Sharpshooter Team should not suicide charge to shoot a barrage.
* AI should (hopefully) not suicide katyuahas after firing them.
* AI should (hopefully) use KV-2's more properly.
* Partisans should (hopefully) use booby traps.
* Soviets should build defenses like mg nests and howitzers more often.
* AI Tankhunters will now use AT mines.
* And many other minor improvements...


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Nice tweeks ^^

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after the launcher fiasco i reinstalled this mod but am unable to re-download the update because the launcher will crash with an internet connection....any chance you could fix this or post a seperate file with the patch ???

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blackbishop Author

We already post the mirrors on our site. I'll add them here as well.

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