ConF patch 2.4 to 2.5

ConF full version only megauplaod premuim users

all users ConF v2.5 pt1

all users ConF v2.5 pt2

all users and megaupload premuim 2.5 to 2.6 ConFliction Patch

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2.5 to 2.6


all skins have been done with sum new impressive anti alliased skins that change colours and in depth qaulty with AA turned on

sum minor weapon tweaks to the +BLM+ Aurorer

glitches fixed crashing on certain maps

mansk 4a provided by Conflict

strike at Karkand Provided by Conflict

the bug with the emp is semy fixed

the bug with boats is semy fixed

there will be much more coming From ConFliction mod team in the future

Preatorian2 Creator

DISCONTINUED NO MORE WORK BEING DONE im sorry for all those who liked it there is no support for it and its been put together all by my self

People who have worked on this mod ARE

Conflict2142 Tournament

all other work has been done by

Preatorian2 skinner coder and team leader
Orgasmo skinner
Dogbite from mech warriars mod team

thank you for all your hard work

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