CnC: Final War is a semi-total conversion for Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge that retells the Second Great War between Allied forces located mostly in Europe and the massive Soviet Empire, that has expanded well across the eastern continent.

RSS Developer Blog #6, 2020 2.0 Update

A news update for 2020 covering the release of Final War 2.0, the post-release support plans, and other odds and bits.

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Hello everyone staying home during these unbelievable days in 2020, it's SMxReaver here with an update about CnC: Final War 2.0 and continuing plans for the project, as well as a highlight of some user contributions from a YouTuber named Ocey!

Starting off, as many keen fans are aware the mod saw a full 2.0 release on October 1st, 2020! This marks a 2 year development cycle between versions of the project, with enough changes to warrant the mod being a whole new project almost. As many changes were made, I've decided to leave 1.0 available to download as a legacy release for those who want to see where the mod got started. For those who are not as in tune, the download link for version 2.0 and it's new soundtrack can be found below:
Final War 2.0 Release
Final War 2.0 Soundtrack

During the 2.0 development cycle, a lot of forward movement was shifted into other projects and as it currently stands, CnC: Final War 2.0 is the final major update for the project. This does not mean the end of the road however, as bug-fixes and some additional content are in the pipeline to support 2.0's current release.

First off, I'm aware of a couple small bugs that are causing issues, especially when the People's Militia are involved. These illusive bugs appear only randomly and not as often that they're easily tracked, and in a project with several hundred new game elements finding the offender has proven to be quite the challenge.
Second, I'm aware I didn't finish many intended goals when it came to Game Modes and Challenge maps. A couple game modes are being prepared for a 2.0 Map Pack, which will include Megawealth, Meat Grinder, and King of the Hill! Included also in this 2.0 Map Pack will be Challenge maps for all 7 playable factions, as well as several additional maps such as a Mercenary Warlords Challenge and the Timeshifted Yuri map.
Third, I'd like to highlight community efforts by a YouTube content creator who goes by Ocey, he has uploaded six videos showcasing Final War 2.0 with more content planned for the future. The link to his channel can be found below, as well as a video demonstrating conflicts between the European Coalition and the Eastern Empire. Enjoy this content, and be sure to subscribe to his channel to be alerted about new Final War and other great mod videos!

Ocey's YouTube Main Page

EuroCoal vs Empire:

Stay tuned commanders for more updates about the 2.0 Map Pack, and enjoy the mod! If any issues are found, find me at Discord below and otherwise have a safe rest of your year!
SMxReaver's Studios (home of Final War)


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