Just like Kane's Vision, this mod aims to perfect the gameplay experience of Kane's Wrath. With countless new faction unique upgrades and units, this is a comprehensive overhaul of this already great game. Every change that was introduced in this mod was with quality gameplay in mind and do justice to the lore of the factions. Furthermoe, One Vision is keen on maintaining the game's high visual level and improve upon it wherever possible.

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Apr 2 2016 Anchor

Hi there,

I downloaded the last version of your mod "One Vision" for C&C3 KW and the WrathEd mod launcher.

The launcher sees the mod, but when I select it and click play, it launches the vanilla version. I tried to start the launcher as administrator but nothing changed.

When I use the command center it doesn't even display "Game browser" (it does on TW's control center).

Could you help me ? Thanks.

Apr 2 2016 Anchor

Are you sure it is in the correct folder? The mod needs to be inside "Command & Conquer 3 Kanes Wrath" (or whatever language you are using in your operating system) and there it needs to be inside a folder called "mods".

If it is a problem with the Mod Launcher, I cannot help you as I am not the maker of the launcher...

adr2mart1 Test
May 7 2016 Anchor

Hi Zocker4ever, I have the exact same problem as described above. I tried with one vision 0.75 and now with your last release 0.86 but I still have the same problem. To be sure, I re-installed the game and patched to 1.02 via the official launcher you put in your .txt. I put the 2 .big files and the .skudef one in all possible ways inside my Kane's Wrath documents folder (inside the "mods" one, outside, without or within the folder "one vision" itself etc...). The launcher see it but launch the vanilla versions each time i try to play one vision 0.86.
Please help, I really want to play with your mod.
Thanks in advance.

Jun 4 2016 Anchor

Same here

Jun 5 2016 Anchor

Sadly, I get messaged about problems running the mod rather frequently and honestly I don't know how to help. I've tried many times but there were no cases where I could help to start the game.

I am not the maker of the Mod Launcher and don't have the source code either, which is why I can't really help.

However, what I can tell you is that as soon as I have enough time, I will work on a custom One Vision Launcher which I plan on starting working on in summer. If you really don't manage to start the game, you will have to wait about 2-3 months until I've finished my own launcher.

I can't do much for you in the mean time, sorry.

Jun 20 2016 Anchor

Found a very convoluted work around to install the mod directly to kane's wrath.

First, Download and install the unofficial kanes wrath community mod (don't worry we won't actually be using the community patch, we will just be using it to launch the one vision mod)

-> Gamereplays.org

Go to: local disk C:/ -> Program Files (x86) -> Electronic Arts -> Command & Conquer 3 Kane's Wrath

(This part is just notes, you can skip if you want)
Look for a file named: CNC3EP1_english_1.2.SkuDef (open with note pad)
You will notice that it includes a line called "add-config Patch103\config.txt"
(End note)

- In your Command & Conquer 3 Kane's Wrath folder, look for a folder called "Patch103" (part of community unofficial patch you just installed), open Patch103 folder, open "config.txt"
-In the config.txt file it will have lines...

add-big Patch102+.big (or Patch 103.big or whatever)
add-big 103Maps.big

-Delete these lines and replace them with

add-big One Vision_0.86_Streams.big
add-big One Vision_0.86_Misc.big

-Next step, Take from the One Vision 0.86 mod the files named "One Vision_0.86_Streams.big" and "One Vision_0.86_Misc.big" and place them in the Patch103 folder

(Note: you do not need the third file "One Vision_0.86.skudef" in the Patch103 folder)

You are now done. To launch the game DO NOT USE THE WRATHED MOD LAUNCHER!, instead start the game as you normally would or by launching "CNC3EP1.exe" directly from your Command & Conquer 3 Kane's Wrath folder

Using this method the mod launches directly with the game. It should go without saying that before trying this method you should make copies and backups of any files that will be modified.

adr2mart1 Test
Jun 23 2016 Anchor

Thanks a lot tyronebiggum7 it worked ^^

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