CnC Post-War is a total conversion for Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars featuring new Gameplay, Factions and Units. It is set in a near post-apocalyptic future world. The wastelands are showplace of the seemingly endless battles between different militant splinter groups. Become the leader of one of these factions and fight for their survival. Welcome to the Wasteland, Commander!

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Information and pictures about the new special power system

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It took quite a while but eventually this news update will set the recently published screenshots in a deeper context.

The Special Power System

Other than the original game, CnC Post-War will be orientated much more in the direction of the good old C&C Generals system, which concretely means that you will have a list where you can grant and upgrade special powers like airstrikes, reinforcements or heavy units. Powers in a column require the ones that come right before them (just as the old Generals menu) and can get bought with money. There have also been thoughts to gain experience as a necessity to buy new powers, however since you already profit from killing hostile units by decreasing your enemy's command points, money will probably remain the only needed ressource.

As an example of this the pictures above show the upgraded version of the Black Eagle Air Recon, which arms the jet with two AG missiles that will be fired at a target area, or the next level upgrade of this, the Peacekeepers' Warthog. Armed with a gattling gun and six anti-tank missiles this advanced version of the old A-10 is a true base killer. As a side note it is probably worth to mention that the developement of this unit is unfortunately a true example of the limits and inflexibility that come with the SAGE engine, and furthermore one of the reasons why this article comes so late. The final version has become a severe cut of the original concept where once you called the Warthog on the battlefield you were able to control it for a certain amount of time to support your ground forces in any area you wish. Now it is used for a strong airstrike plus the ability to fire two of its six missiles and the gattling gun at any hostile unit crossing the Warthog's way. Still an extremely powerful weapon, but gameplay-wise less spectacular.

Beside these offensive powers there a lot of passive abilities like the authorization of new units or the possibility to upgrade certain troops. Keep in mind that all these special powers can be very compelling and helpful, but nethertheless you should choose them wise, since they can also be quite expensive and there should always be the conflict between granting a special power and demanding new units.

Release Plan Update?
In the last news I have promised to publish a detailed summarization about the mod's current status and release plans, however this would have gone beyond the constraints of this update, and thus will follow in one of the next weeks. Stay tuned!


This is rounding out to be a nice mod. Keep up the good work.

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Hopefully they are able to get a beta out or one release out.. I've seen some mods who look great and end up losing their modelers or coders/etc.. making them have to cancel .-.

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