What would happen if in 1988, Soviet Leader Mikhail Gorbachev was assassinated? CNC Fallout is a total conversion mod for Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars that postulates this very question.

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Mar 10 2012 Anchor

Just some suggestions for units.
The soviets need a transport vehicle maybe a cross between a BMP-2/3, the BMD-3/4 and the BMPT or a cross between a BTR-80/90 and the BMPT or maybe a AA transport vehicle highbride. the soviets should have a flame tank or a missile tank i keep thinking that the soviets should have a flame and or missile tank. oh and i also keep thinking that the soviets should have some sort of massive super hind armed with two 57mm cannon, two large 122mm rocket pods and lots and lots of missiles it would look sorta like this but more soviet like


The soviets also need a artillery unit like the TOS-1 or a unit based on the picture that i posted witch i nicknamed Hell-Storm


I think NATO should have a new helicopter because the Apache does not look like it belongs in this mod maybe this Helicopter design can work i call it the AH-57 Vendetta


And i was wondering why did you choose the Paladin. if you ask me you should add the XM2001 Crusader or NLOS-C. also NATO should have the ADATS (Air Defense Anti Tank System) and maybe a Railgun tank, oh oh oh and a micro wave tank that concentrate micro wave energy on a tank causing it to heat up witch causes its ammunition to explode.
The soviet should also have some sort of advance weaponry like NATO's plasma technology. maybe Tesla like weaponry or laser weaponry.
oh oh oh i thought of a good unit for the soviets called the SU-203 Monster killer based off the SU-152/ISU-152 (these are Russian tank destroyers so not to get confused with the SU series of aircraft)

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Mar 11 2012 Anchor

Hey, i think NATO needs a AA veicule and the USSR needs AA base defenses (i know there is a AA veicule but it`s not enough and it`s an easy target) , i also think the same way as "Allen1993" the USSR needs an armored troop transport and an artillery unit, and at least the missiles of the Apache should have a greater effect on enemy units , sorry for my bad grammar, keep the good work the mod is looking great ; )

Mar 26 2012 Anchor

I went a little overboard. OK this is should be added, the Russians need a transport vehicle ether a APC/IFV or a transport helicopter like the Hind or the Helix, they could also use a repair unit, maybe a repair tank that can build bunkers and drop mines. I think the Russians should get a STOVL/VTOL aircraft YAK-141 or the YAK-143 would make good chooses although you can make a YAK-141/SU-47 highbred, the Russians need a artillery unit like artillery in the link below or the TOS-1 or 2S7.

The Russians need a signature weapon like Tesla style weapons or laser weapons to counter the NATO plasma tech (witch could use a firepower boost or upgrade). Russians need some firepower upgrades, Black napalm, HEAP (High Explosive Armor Piercing), Proximity warhead for the Panstir-S1. Some additional unit idea is RU Flame Tank, RU S300 Heavy SAM, NATO Railgun Tank, NATO NLOS-C/XM2001 or plasma artillery, range increase for all artillery, some more infantry variety specially for the AT infantry, range increase for the AUST Tank destroyer, Gas turbine engine upgrade for the RU, nano armor upgrade for NATO, AUST Hell storm multi mortar launcher (fires a never ending barrage of mortars at ground targets), maybe a micro wave tank for the AUST (basically fires a microwave beam that cooks infantry, vehicles and aircraft), NATO VTOL Stealth bomber and maybe a RU super tank with two heavy cannons that fire nuclear tip shells.

A Russian VTOL concept

I still went a little overboard XD . all well Allen out :ninja: (ninja FTW)

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Sep 15 2012 Anchor

i thought the Australians could use some large unit.
I understand that they are the "under"dogs (oh god did i just say that), but can't they have something to stand up against the NATO Liberty walker and the the Death Hammer Airship. Not necessarily a big unit but an extremely effective anti-armor unit.
An underground traveling ambush unit, a large tank, a robotic kangaroo or anything.

I also forgot to mention i think there should also be an explorer unit. ( emissary, surveyor, etc.) and perhaps some repair drones for the war factories.

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