What is Club-Raibu?

Club-Raibu is a Roleplay game inspired by the Games:
The Sims / GarrysMod / ClubCooee / Bugs Bunny lost in Time.
This game will allow you to have a nice day with friends,
drive arround with cars, buy flats and houses to show
your imagination with lots of different furnitures.Have
fun to discover the huge world and hunt some monsters!

the Goal of the game? What to do?!

Did you ever asked Garry Newman for the point of GarryMod
and what to do? You dont need a Goal, everytime we bring
a new version, for more stuff and more fun... just wait
and you will see “what to do”

what is "our" Goal?

We try to create a Roleplay game in cartoon style.
It will include in the next time a mode to Buy Plots(houses and more)
and control over them. Just setup your house with your furnitures , meet friends and
hunt some monsters to get points for better weapons.
All official servers will be connected via Mysql to got the same
stuff in the next map. The complete Serverlist is removed and you
just connect if you left a map.
This idea comes to give the feeling of a huge world like World of Warcraft.
but dont forget , its just the source engine ;)

we try our best for the community to bring out new updates and patches that
they can follow the path of this mod.

.: The Club-Raibu Team :.

alternate download mirror (privat server)

how to install:

take a look on the download section on our page ;)


V0.0.3 (21.March.2011)

[add] heart system
[add] raibu point system
[add] usergroups (user,vip,moderator,administrator)
[add] buggy limit
[add] buggy remove function (F3)
[add] playermodel: goblin ( goblin66 only )
[add] playermodel: mage ( mingebag only )
[add] swim animation
[add] jump-sound
[add] model: bridge (prop)
[add] model: mushroom (npc)
[add] model: wooden door (doors)
[add] player can die (need some rework)
[add] plot trigger for houses
[add] map: cr_island2
[edit] intern code of the prop_door_rotating
[edit] replace lots of sv_cheats commands to admin only
[edit] lots of things in playermodel base
[fix] clip effect after removing jeeps

V0.0.2a (4.March.2011)

[add] fall-position restore
[add] 2x tree model
[add] 2x crate models
[add] rock model
[add] map: cr_island
[add] map: cr_test
[add] map: cr_car
[add] a option button ( need to redo )
[add] a custom error model (present)
[add] background music
[add] weapon_hands
[add] custom footstep sounds
[add] custom underwater sound
[add] custom water sound
[add] custom buggy sounds
[edit] buggy controlling
[edit] rewrite the sound scripts
[edit] spawn function of the buggy with sound
[edit] renewed the background map
[edit] buggy exitable without speed
[edit] complete detailsprites
[fix] wood1 material error

V0.0.1a (28.February.2011)

[add] buggy Model
[add] player Model
[remove] Source Exploits (crash)
[add] map: cr_strand
[add] map: background
[add] spawn function of the buggy
[add] our Raibu MaterialPack
[add] custom Startmenu

[Used codes of my old Mod Tests]

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RSS Articles

The Demo version V0.0.3 is released

it takes a long way for the full release but we work on weekly patches that players dont think that we give up.

To see what is new, just take a look at the changelog in summary of moddb or on

have fun to test.

PS: its just a demo of functions and stuff, the real worldmap is on
but not in the demo released.

if you have suggestions or something to report , feel free to use the comment box and tell them :)

if the link down work, use the alternate download mirror:

how to install:
take a look on the download section on our page ;)

RSS Files
Club-Raibu V0.0.3 - Demo

Club-Raibu V0.0.3 - Demo

Demo 5 comments

for the information what has been added, look at summary on the mod front page.

Club-Raibu V0.0.2a - Demo

Club-Raibu V0.0.2a - Demo

Demo 2 comments

This is just a demo of the Movement and more. Stuff: - If you fall down , your position will set back. - You can drive arround - Custom sounds - Custom...

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I like the art style. It's different

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Greetings from 10 years in the future!

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Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

i cant neither play tutorial or online D:

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

MingeBag (the Main Mapper and Scripter) is gone to the "real Life" he says.
sometimes he would update the game but i dont think this happens very soon.
the game is 90% server based and a tutorial level wasnt createt and the root where the server runs isn't online anymore.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
MingeBag. Creator

Club-Raibu is now paused for some weeks because we take a

'Minecraft - Holiday'

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Did you say weeks? It has been months since the last release.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

For some reason it keeps giving me the message that my account have been logged into from another computer, which I know it hasn't.

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MingeBag. Creator

this is no effect of that game, change your steampassword to be sure that this wont happen anymore.

never think you are the only guy who got your steamaccount password if this happens

Reply Good karma+1 vote

i been looking for something to play besides gary's mod. tracking this now.........

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