Primary objective is to verify the location of a clone lab and destroy the facilities. Effort should also be made to recover evidence of ATC wrongdoing.

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KodoL says

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The map is average. There are bugs that can not pass the map and it is small.


BrupcatBR says

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This is an odd one. While I think it looks nice, sometimes using colored lighting too, it is for the most part overly long, boring and monotonous, with very little to no combat, with a poor sense of direction and overly using backtracking. It is during the last moments where you get some nice combat with the Replica, although even then, there's an overly long corridor that circles back *and* has a closed door. It's kind of an issue when you wanna take the different route given during combat. The pacing is terrible, too. If combat was more frequent, and the level wasn't so barren, and if it didn't make me wanna go to sleep, I would rate this higher. But I cannot rate it lower than a 6, since the combat that there is, is pretty nice.


flippedoutkyrii says

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Not a whole lot of sense was made during this short romp. Why a cloning facility is situated so close to a dead-end road in a busy city is beyond me.

Detail wise, the level design and set-pieces were very bare and passable at best, with enemy placement very close-quarters it was a short, albeit easy playthrough.

The best I can say about this rather mediocre level for F.E.A.R, is that it is one of the few made for the game.


KrustiClawn says

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Short, worst voice acting I have ever heard and the story is completely messed up. I saw Alma and Fettel 1-2 times and, for the first time ever, just didn't make any sense at all.

4/10 - Okey


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