Primary objective is to verify the location of a clone lab and destroy the facilities. Effort should also be made to recover evidence of ATC wrongdoing.

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flippedoutkyrii says

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Not a whole lot of sense was made during this short romp. Why a cloning facility is situated so close to a dead-end road in a busy city is beyond me.

Detail wise, the level design and set-pieces were very bare and passable at best, with enemy placement very close-quarters it was a short, albeit easy playthrough.

The best I can say about this rather mediocre level for F.E.A.R, is that it is one of the few made for the game.


KrustiClawn says

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Short, worst voice acting I have ever heard and the story is completely messed up. I saw Alma and Fettel 1-2 times and, for the first time ever, just didn't make any sense at all.

4/10 - Okey


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