This Mod totally changes Serious Sam 2 to feel more "serious". It is not directly the re-creation of SS1 FE/SE - The Main-Features are: - more than 22 new Enemies: Re-creation of all Enemies in SS1 FE/SE + Ugh-Zan III (last boss) and Huge Lava-Golem -Weapons changed: To feel like Serious Sam 1 Weapons. Big, Hard and unforgiveable. -All new Special-Effects: Explosions, Gore etc -All new Sounds: Alot original sounds from Serious Sam 1 -new game-options: Enemies-Multiplicator & Spawn-Time-Reducing (recommend to play the original maps & Selectable Weapon-Speed (comfortable setting or true original speed from SS1) -about 20 new Weather-effects for Levels that looked so plain and should have them: Rain, Snow, Lightings, Flying Leaves, Ashe-Rain, Dust-Clouds, Fog-Clouds Ball-Lightings, Ambience Sounds, Thunders, Metroids, Insects.. -2 new maps: Arcade Map 01 & Huge Enemies Test-map with +1650 Enemies -All the feel of the Game is modified so hard to be like the game was developed for...

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this is best mod for serious sam its little harder enemies looks like fe and se some of them look better than fe and se i like those bio mech minors and majors they look best and please make that version 1.1

Very Cool modification for original SS2, it making gameplay very similar to classic serious sam (FE and SE).


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