With this mod the full original R6 campaign can be played on Rogue Spear (Urban Operations required). This mod includes: -16 maps: Embassy, Congo, Oilrig, Water ride, Dam, Airport, Mint, Ship, Road Ambush, Athlets village, Biodome, Hacienda, Hotzone, Estate, Skycraper, Amazon. - 16 missions single player campaign. - 16 terrorist hunt missions. - 16 adversarial. - 16 coop. - 11 lone wolf missions. This mod has been possible thanks to: Lungbutter, Neo, Copper, Cynical Saint, Serellan, Raid, John Sonedecker, Hunter Johnny, Lasher M. Thanks for your work. You can also download "Classic shell mod" for a total conversion. This mod includes: - Intro movie. - End game movie. - Final credits. - Classic menu backgrounds.

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