This is a full conversion Tolkien mod for Crusader Kings 2 which will feature bookmarks throughout the Third Age. This mod is being developed independently from any other LotR or Middle Earth mods out there. The map will cover the main areas of Middle Earth, known in the books and films. So, Middle-Earth is waiting for you! Will you play as the descendant of one of the noble families of Rohan or Gondor? Will you try to reforge the ancient kingdoms of Elves in Eriador? Or will you try to destroy all the Free Peoples, and claim Middle Earth for Morgoth? This mod will give you a unique strategy experience of the Third Age in Middle-Earth. From Forodwaith to Bellakar, from Lindon to Rhûn, lead your dynasty and survive the Dark Times. Become one of the most important Lords of the Age!

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Version 0.821 of Middle Earth Project, a Crusader Kings 2 Overhaul mod, has been released. Details below.

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Version 0.821 can be picked up here.

0.821 Highlights

Combined Religions into 2 main groups

MEP   Religions

Edited religion checks accordingly

Combined several cultures into 1

Edited and Added numerous custom buildings for some uniqueness to plays, Evil forces will use Orkish uniques

MEP   Orkish Buildings

MEP   Dragon Buildings

MEP   Hobbits Farms

Added tooltips to Pop based buildings for clearer requirements

Added a tooltip to Colonization for clearer requirements, Dwarves and Dragons are mountain only colonizers

Removed Pop Requirements from buildings for Elves and Dwarves

Added Craftables; Horse Armors, and made reforgable Narsil(When in Sandbox mode) and Gurthang As well as a decision to hire a crafter, famed crafters can be swayed with gold though they may refuse

Converting of Traits to Artifacts continues

MEP   Crown

Removed events that caused rampant infirmity

Fixed Crash in End of the Ring Event

General Bugfixing

While our primary focus is always mod stability, we also like to work on something new and interesting with each release. As such We will be introducing a vote on our Patreon for extra development focus each month. Choice will be between; 'First Age Submod', 'Mumakil Character Mechanic', and 'Expanding Profession Systems with more crafting/duel button'.
If you want to vote, you can become a Supporter here.

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