This is the moddb page for ChrisJones Gaming's Star Trek XI Mod for Star Trek Legacy. The first release of the mod includes 11 models created by Baz1701 originally for Bridge Commander plus 4 Kitbashes of Baz1701's models put together by Muldrf specifically for this mod.


Hierarchy/Joint/Hardpoint Tool for Star Trek Armada 1, 2, Fleet Ops and Star Trek Legacy Version: ----------- Basic Features: Welcome to the Hierarchy Joint Assistance Tool. It is used to create new or modify existing "Joint" data for use in Milkshape 3d to aid in Porting of ships for Star Trek Legacy and the Star Trek Armada games. Originally created for use with Legacy models, I have added support for Star Trek Armada, Armada 2 and Fleet Ops modes. This is used in conjunction with the "Legacy Joint Tool ASCII" Milkshape Exporter. You can start from scratch making a tree using one of the 4 baseline trees, Legacy, Armada, Armada 2 or Fleet Ops. You can import Mesh Group Names from Milkshape with the Legacy ASCII exporter, as well as any existing joint data. The Output txt file that is created by the tool is in Milkshape ASCII Format so that it doesn't require a special "importer".

Hierarchy Tool for Armada 1, 2, Fleetops & Legacy
Muldrf Author

I should probably mention that this tool is a stand alone version of the one included integrated into the LMTools of the LMTools Suite for Star Trek Legacy.
It was created as a standalone program due to its potential use in the Star Trek Armada and Armada 2 and Fleet Ops modding Communities.

A video showing how to use the integrated version is on my profile.

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