City Rebellion is an episodic mod intended to have the player take on the role of one of the citizens of a city dominated by the Combine. Chapter 1: The player plays as an unnamed character who is assigned the task of operating an observation outpost in an abandoned warehouse. The level picks up just as the player is messaged by a character named "CHandler", alerting them that the outpost has been discovered, and a Combine raid is minutes away. Chapter 2: The player, having escaped the Combine raid heads over to the underground rebel base until the Combine manages to find the base and attacks again. The first two of five chapters have been released. Work has begun on chapter three. *NOTE: While the first release (Chapter 1 aka Version 1) is still available for download, Release 2 contains both the first and second chapters. Thus, only Release 2 is required if you want to play both.

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Goolog says

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It looks like a good game. I'm getting it.

i thought it was fun. One of the first downloads i've ever made, and yes, at first i nocliped through doors and such, but eventually i replayed it, and solved the puzzles, turns out this mod was very creative.
Sure, mapping could have been better
Sure, it could have been longer
Sure, there could have been more scenes/action/everything else
But hey, its a mod. Its short, its amusing to a smart and creative gamer, and hell, its worth the 30 some minutes it takes to beat it :D


BirdieBronze says

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I got immersed because I was playing like Freemans' Mind. I always like home-made voice acting and I forgive the poor equipment used to record it too, making it that much more enjoyable.

-okay level design
-Pretty convincing hl2 atmosphere
-Fun fighting
-Fun mini puzzles
-Short and enjoyable

-Forgettable characters
-Forgettable story
-Sometimes the level design seemed too clean
-Anticlimactic ambiance (You can still hear things but not enough to be a convincing atmosphere)
-I feel like I didn't know why I was doing all this.
-Abrupt ending

Personal notes:
-Got spooked from the dark scp-087-b feeling brick hallways in the tunnels for some reason.
-I enjoyed the little puzzle in the doctors' room.
-I liked the small touch of the rebel hands instead of H.E.V. suit hands; forgiving the fact that you have a H.E.V. suit HUD because otherwise it's impossible for fighting action.
-Best mod I've played all day out of the seven that I downloaded, making this the eighth.

I spent over a half hour troubleshooting to get this mod to work. I tried the patch, and followed all the instructions of all the README files provided, and none of these instructions worked. I even tried a few of my own little tricks to get things to work, and that didn't either. Spending that long just trying to get something to work shows that the developer was too lazy to ensure a good experience with their product, and that is unacceptable.


I attempted again and this time got it to run. I was shocked at how...not good this was. After an long and boring shootout to start things off, you then wait for several minutes for your friends to get you. Then you walk for 30 seconds and have to wait a few minutes for a hatch to open. Then you go into a room where you wait for several minutes for a poorly-designed puzzle. Then you walk down a hall, open the door, and then your computer crashes. Then you retry just in case it was a fluke, then your computer crashes again. Thanks a bunch.

Because is already no longer development what a waste.


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