A bugfix, rules compliance, and expanded content modification for Troika Games' 'The Temple of Elemental Evil.'

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Circle of Eight issues bugfix release for the v7 modpack.

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Temple of Elemental Evil

Bugfixes, bugfixes, and more bugfixes ...



  • Updated zombies,' skeletal hill giants,' and undead wizards' start combat scripts so they attempt to break free and don't target spiritual weapons.
  • Fixed Shillelagh spell damage description.
  • Re-disabled bug where credit movies would play on Hommlet worldmap transitions.
  • Removed great mace as it is not RAW.
  • Adjusted Necklace of Adaptation description so that it accurately reflects that the necklace works only once, and only against the spell Cloudkill.
  • Removed masterwork great cleaver from shops and replaced with regular cleaver.
  • Added failsafe for extraplanar chest disappearance and recall.


  • Positioned clerics in Church of St. Cuthbert so that Calmert sees if they are attacked and joins battle.
  • Tweaked Calmert and Terjon enter combat scripting so that each appears nearer to the summoner when entering combat.
  • Added option to get masterwork leather items from Jakk Borton/Bing without doing other Hommlet Fedex quests.
  • Made it so that Kenter Nevets won't mention Kobort, Turuko, or Elmo in request for rumors if they are dead.
  • Made it so that Burne won't say he's going to talk to Rannos and Gremag about labor camp sabotage if they are dead or have run off.
  • Made it so that Burne will offer to tell puzzles anytime after Moathouse is cleared.
  • Made Armario not flee combat so as to avoid him not running off properly if attacked for Gremag.
  • Made it so you can't confront Otello about stealing unless you have heard of it from Filliken.
  • Made it so Black Jay won't offer Dead Sheep quest until/unless you give him his wife's ring.
  • Expanded options for getting magic shortsword from Gremag.
  • Made it so that killing Rannos or Gremag singly gives you the Purveyor of Swift Justice reputation.
  • Fixed bug with Fruella's dying script and the Butcher of Hommlet reputation.
  • Fixed bug where you couldn't tell Burne about Rannos and Gremag Nulb ambush after it happened.
  • Switched Black Jay's wife's ring to the Moathouse Tower spider for evil parties.
  • Fixed bug where Elmo would appear in the cellar of the Welcome Wench.
  • Added quests for contacting Brother Smyth's various NC contacts that tell you who they are and where they can be found (NC only).


  • Made it so that Lareth won't object if you take his diary while undetected.


  • Added two day delay for Preston Wetz to tell you about thugs looking for you in Nulb if he just sold you the house.
  • Removed Summon Monster IV from Rannos and Gremag enchantress' spell list so she doesn't summon monsters who get targeted by her party.
  • Updated Dala's theft and flight routines.
  • Bulletproofed Tolub so he can't shout challenges in tavern if he's dead, unconscious, or prone.
  • Fixed bug that allowed you to show Lodriss Skole's gem even if he hadn't given it to you, and to tell her you'd accepted the quest and been paid even if you hadn't.
  • Fixed bug where you could use diplomacy or gather information with Preston Wetz over and over to find out about his sore tooth repeatedly.
  • Fixed bug where you could ask Tolub about Bertram after losing in the brawl and complete Betram's quest even if you hadn't accepted it.
  • Fixed bug where Riana would reappear in both Snake Pit and Mona's store if she had been in party and disbanded.


  • Removed Hextorites from ogre cave exterior map.
  • Fixed issues with Alrrem re: Oohlgrist and the ogre cave ogres.
  • Fixed bug with Bassanio hostility re: the Oohlgrist quest.
  • Removed fog of war from Temple exterior maps, increased map limts, added portal between tower and ruined house maps, and tweaked sectoring.
  • Fixed bug where old crone would remain after Zuggtmoy banishment if stealing gem horde (NC only).


  • Made Lord Hungous and Lord Krunch attempt to break free from Web spells.
  • Upgraded Lord Hungous' armor to Barbarian Armor +1.
  • Tweaked pathnodes on part of the Hickory Branch map.
  • Made it so that resting at Hickory Branch will trigger regroup and cave blockage as if you had left the area.
  • Added 'Orc Obliterator' reputation for clearing Hickory Branch.


  • Fixed bug where crystal oozes weren't appearing in Moathouse Respawn.


  • Fixed bug where castle ghosts would sometimes not appear.
  • Fixed flag mixup with Darlia and the Gremlich.
  • Fixed bug where Victor's weapons shop wasn't refreshing.
  • Made it so that Tarah will not kill Mordenkainen's Swords instead of party members in her preamble.
  • Fixed bug with Paladin atonement in Verbobonc.
  • Reverted young white dragons to Ice Lizard model.
  • Fixed speaking and globals issues with Lady Asherah and Demons & Demigods quest.
  • Added scheduling system routine to Bandits, Scarlet Brotherhood, Gremlich, and Sports encounters for increased reliability.
  • Tweaked Sports encounters.
  • Gave Gremlich subdual immunity.
  • Bulletproofed Asherah and Verbobonc Cuthbert, Iuz, and balor scripting.
  • Toughened up Verbobonc balors considerably.
  • Added Lady Asherah's Estate to Verbobonc signpost.
  • Fixed bug that could cause multiple Gremlichs to spawn and tweaked scripts.


  • Fixed bug where Hextor old man would attack players.
  • Gave WotGS Hextorites different faction so as to avoid mixups with reputations gained against Verbobonc Hextorites.
  • Fixed bug where Ariakas would stop talking after two days.
  • Bulletproofed King Battlehammer's heartbeat so he can't stand up after combat ends and he dies.
  • Fixed bug where Fireforge would remain active in the Welcome Wench after saying he was leaving for Verbobonc (NC only).

Note that we are aware of the so-called jerkstop (jerky character movement, incomplete movement commands, severe performance slowdowns) issues associated with WotGS, but a solution has not been arrived at as of yet. This release does not fix WotGS jerkstop.

- The Circle of Eight Team


Great stuff people!

Kudos for the hard work!

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As usual, Gaear and the gang come through with even more wasys to make TOEE the game it always deserved to be.

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