This Mod is about time travel (or chronoportation). While travelling in time, one can create different kind of anachronisms, paradoxes, etc. For instance, what would happen if you would bring an object from the future into the past and destroy the earlier version of this object in the past, preventing yourself in this way bringing this object from the future? Similar kind of anachronism paradoxes arise in CHRONOPORT. I have implemented in CHRONOPORT a mathematical model which describes some of anachronism phenomena caused by travel in time. In the first episode I have considered a simplified situation, when for the time travel only two days are accessible. You can jump from Monday to Tuesday and from Tuesday to Monday exactly on 24 hours. In this way, you cannot return to the same moment of time of a day, you cannot meet yourself, but from one day you can influence either the past or the future day. Mod requires both Portal and Half-Life 2.

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