Released global mod developed by Strelok200's team and supported by In Spite Of The Death Team.

metroid13 says

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A pretty great mod with a strong, interesting storyline. The translation is a little rough in places, and there are some logical inconsistencies throughout, including;

for the mission against the merc encampment, Navigator says it'll be a few trainees with you, but instead it's a bunch of exo-suit wearing leviathans armed with heavy machine guns.

one quest tells you to look for a stash on the eastern side of town when it's in fact in the west

There's a few instances where dialogue seems to be missing; for instance, a character at one point vanishes. Your character then tells another character that they parted with some "strange advice." But this never happens - the aforementioned character simply vanished without saying much.

Aside from those quibbles, this was a really good effort. Nice job!

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Put together really well. The story is tight and well paced. Has a very good English translation published by the Russian mod team - a rarity and much appreciated.

Mar 19 2016 by v1ld