Welcome to Chemical Warfare In this mod we look to create a fun experience for all Kanes Wrath Players What to expect ? We have taken out the Sub-factions and combined their best assets with the Base Factions , this gives a full dynamic twist to kanes wrath , think of it as Tiberium wars with added units and upgrades We aim to have The factions with a nice inventory of units and Upgrades Newly textured Factions with a nicer look to the buildings We are not sure on what path to take once this is complete We have an idea of adding new factions , but this is undecided Enjoy :) From ItzTeeJaay and the Team

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Whats to come for this Mod and What to expect from this Mod

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So this here is for everyone who wants to know where the Chemical Warfare mod is aiming to eventually achieve

Originally all of the sub factions were removed

The aim to this was to give the base factions the best of all of the sub-factions units and upgrades, After a long time of thinking , 1 of the sub factions per faction were returned as playable factions

So the new list is :


Steel Talons


Black Hand



The reason to this was

1: It was a too similar layout to another great mod

2: I had soo many units left over that I didn’t want to cram them all into the base factions

The next milestone for the mod was Super Units

I felt like each faction needed an Super Air unit

This isn’t something you see on many mods !

I wanted to allow the construction of a superior air unit to allow more choices when playing the mod

They could have been all out power houses , but I wanted to give them a weakness to find somewhat of a flaw/balance

So as it stands , these air units have low Armour but a strong Offensive attack , but to counter these , they cannot shoot any air units , so unless they are backed up by anti air , it will be hard defeating the enemy with these units alone

The 3rd milestone

This milestone was to create a new look and sound to the common factions we all know and love , From laser colours and sounds , to explosive new superweapon sounds and effects

I wanted to give the mod a stand-alone identity that will be easy to know the mod at first glance

Currently Nod and Black Hand have had a full re skin

GDI may be left alone as I cannot seem to get a Color that looks right for their buildings

Scrin will be given a new skins and building upgrades (to be revealed)

The final milestone for this current patch


Is to finish adding new units (mainly from Tiberium Twilight)

Once this is complete

The first official patch will be ready for download ! 🙂

There is more in the works for a future patch , but as it will take a ton of work , it will remain secret for now 🙂

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