Chemical Existence is a Total Conversion type of mod, singleplayer. It is pretty old, so the cutscenes are that greatly graphic wise, but it is So-So. Completley different weapons, so it can be fun. Evilghoul :devil: And if you have any interest in joining my clans for DPB or Cstrike, email me at THERE IS NO EMAIL BUT THERE IS FAQ AND HELP ON THE SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Total Conversion or TC mods were a new thing to Half-Life when people tried to do this. Azure Sheep, Point Of View, Fate Reversal, and Residual Life are examples of a TC mod..As well as Chemical Existence.

You play as Reece Max, An ordinary joe caught up in the wars between inner city gangs in a un-named city. As one of the early TC's, Chemical Existence was made with technology in mind.

While it looks old, CE was highly praised for being original and not part of the Black Mesa Mods Category, The weapons might feel clunky but they all feel like Half-Life weapons and Unreal Tournament weapons.

Mapping is so-so but in some areas, You can get stuck if you are unsure and unsuspecting of what you are walking into. Enemies can really get onto you if you do not look around.

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