Chemical Existence is a Total Conversion type of mod, singleplayer. It is pretty old, so the cutscenes are that greatly graphic wise, but it is So-So. Completley different weapons, so it can be fun. Evilghoul :devil: And if you have any interest in joining my clans for DPB or Cstrike, email me at THERE IS NO EMAIL BUT THERE IS FAQ AND HELP ON THE SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TheUnbeholden says

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The mod is rusty, very rusty. Pistol takes 2 headshots to kill, the enemies with pistols don't drop them, and some sounds are terrible like explosions and the uzi firing sound, sounds like bullets hitting metal.. which sounds just wrong when firing it from a distance.
The level design is mostly bare open spaces, with blocky textures... and felt rather random. I would have so preferred if the mod stayed in the urban type of places because it was so short lived.
But the characters look good (and most of the punks are quite beefy but thats ok).
It had some voice acting which I liked.
The storyline was basic but the level design felt like it let the mod down.

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