Chemical Existence is a Total Conversion type of mod, singleplayer. It is pretty old, so the cutscenes are that greatly graphic wise, but it is So-So. Completley different weapons, so it can be fun. Evilghoul :devil: And if you have any interest in joining my clans for DPB or Cstrike, email me at THERE IS NO EMAIL BUT THERE IS FAQ AND HELP ON THE SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

flippedoutkyrii says

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Among the oddest mods I've ever played. Getting it to work on steam was a pain since the controls had to be changed through the config file, otherwise, remapping them in the options menu would freeze me in place permanently.

But this was also one of the grossest mods I've ever played, I didn't need to walk down a hallway with some fat mans genitals spread across the floor, ceiling and walls.

What was the point of that section?

Just left me with a very bad taste in my mouth as I tried my best to enjoy the mod.

However, the mod itself is very unbalanced, difficult and buggy, not to mention the in-game models are hideously done and couldn't be more out of place.

I can see a lot of work was put into this, but in this state, it's not worth trying :(

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