Checkerboarded Hopes 2 is the highly anticipated sequel to the best leak fix-up mod ever. Checkerboarded Hopes 2 plans to surpass every single bar set by leak fix-up mods. Which actually, should be easy since most of them (except for what Team GabeN does and Missing Information) are absolute shit.

OJJ0874 says

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First off, when starting the game in 2010 my PC crashed so I had to save up for 3 years, missing out on bills and social lives to be able to afford to buy a PC capable of playing such a high quality mod (or should I say game)and now after playing this for the first time I must say it was worth the gross ammount of debt I have put myself through, the story was gripping and appealing, the characters were fleshed out and developed at a consistent rate, the orcastrated original musical score fit the mood perfectly, there is honestly no criticisim that I can think of, even after a month of thinking about it. The combat was fleshed out and consistent, nowhere in the 70 hour playthrough did I feel bored or ripped off, this deserves to be on Steam Greenlight, Valve should hire you, Obama should give you an award for "best mod ever" the game industry is going to crash because of your mapping talent, if you ever feel like making Checkerboard Hopes 3, don't get stressed out at the massive following you have, take as long as you need, even if it takes over 9 years.

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I give this project a 10, the graphics are not only stunning for a mod that seeks looking bad (because you can make something look bad, but still not getting any attention at all) the concept is really original and it delivers tons of meta humor.

A worthwhile give it a shoot experience you must look after.

Dec 2 2010 by fdslk