Checkerboarded Hopes 2 is the highly anticipated sequel to the best leak fix-up mod ever. Checkerboarded Hopes 2 plans to surpass every single bar set by leak fix-up mods. Which actually, should be easy since most of them (except for what Team GabeN does and Missing Information) are absolute shit.

ZedMarine610 says

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-Realistic graphics
-Wonderful sound effects
-Excellent textures
-Innovative game engine and modeling
-Excellent mechanics (YOU CAN ******' GO PRONE, AND TURN THE MP7 ON ITS SIDE!)
-A storyline that will force all other mods bow down in front of this!

-In TheZealot's words, can we please have Checkerboarded Hopes 3?

Bottom line:
Definitely the best Source mod ever made.

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I give this project a 10, the graphics are not only stunning for a mod that seeks looking bad (because you can make something look bad, but still not getting any attention at all) the concept is really original and it delivers tons of meta humor.

A worthwhile give it a shoot experience you must look after.

Dec 2 2010 by fdslk