CheatCommands Mod - an utility mod for Company of Heroes 2 featuring large set of tools.

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CheatCommands ULE is an ultra light version of the CheatCommands Mod for Company of Heroes 2. This version is based on the game console being able to run Scar scripts.

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CheatCommands Mod ULE Version 0.8Aww yeah! Time for an update, finally. Feel free to request new features in the comments.

Changelog for version 09:
- Control + Shift + Left/Right: Rotate selected entity Left/Right
- Control + Shift + Up/Down: Increase/Decrease selected unit damage output

Changelog for version 08:
- You can now set buildings and bridges invulnerable
- Added teleport (Control + Shift + T)

Changelog for version 07:
- Added Copy and Paste functions (Control + C and Control + V)
- Added Toggle Invulnerable (Control + Shift + I)- Added a hotkey for SuperScreenshot (Control + Shift + S)

Changelog for version 0.6:
- Fixed instant ability recharge, instant production, and instant construction resulting extremely long recharge/production/construction times when toggled on and off.

Changelog for version 0.5:
- Added infinite population cap to "Add infinite resources"
- Added "Increase selection veterancy rank"
- Freed Control + [0-1] hotkeys for control group usage

For those of who don't know what this mod is all about, here's a short intro:
CheatCommands Mod is an utility mod for CoH2. In can be used for, but not limited to:
Singleplayer Cheating, Testing units, Balancing, Debugging maps, Setting up scenes for screenshots/videos and so on. Your imagination is the limit. Even though this is the super ultra light edition. Even lighter than the Light Edition.

Most of you probably know that December 10th update broke CheatCommands Mod. While this update effectively disabled mods, Relic re-introduced -dev mode and thus Scar code can be executed via console. This version of CheatCommands Mod has less features but at least the key features are available at the moment:
(I will be adding more features in the future)

Control + Shift + F1: This help page
Control + Shift + F2: Squad Spawning Hotkeys
Control + Shift + F3: Entity Spawning Hotkeys
Control + F1: Toggle Fog of War On/Off
Control + F2: Toggle TaskBar Visibility On/Off
Control + F3: Infinite Resources
Control + F4: Toggle Instant Production On/off
Control + F5: Toggle Instant Ability Recharge On/Off
Control + F6: Toggle Instant Construction On/Off
Control + F7: Toggle Global AI On/Off
Control + F8: Take Over Selected Player
Control + F12: Clear screen from prompt messages

Control + PageUp: Increase selection movement speed
Control + PageDown: Decrease selection movement speed
Control + Shift + I: Toggle selection invulnerability
Control + C: Copy selection
Control + V: Paste Selection

Control + Enter: Increase selection veterancy rank by one
Control + Insert: Toggle Selected squad / entity owner
Control + Space: Toggle Selected Race for spawning (Soviet/German)
Control + Shift + Space: Toggle Help Page
Control + Delete: Delete selected squads / entities (buildings/constructions)
Shift + Delete: Kill selected squads / entities (buildings/constructions)

Control + Alt + 1: Toggle Spawn table between Pre-defined and Raw
Control + Shift + A: Abandon selected vehicle
Control + [a-z]: Spawn squads of selected army
Shift + [a-z]: Spawn Entities of selected army

Control + NumPad0: Game Speed * 0.125
Control + NumPad1: Game Speed * 0.25
Control + NumPad2: Game Speed * 0.5
Control + Numpad3: Game Speed * 0.75
Control + NumPad4: Game Speed * 1
Control + NumPad5: Game Speed * 1.25
Control + NumPad6: Game Speed * 1.5
Control + NumPad7: Game Speed * 2
Control + NumPad8: Game Speed * 4
Control + NumPad8: Game Speed * 8

Version 0.9 - March 30th 2014
Version 0.8 - March 14th 2014
Version 0.7 - January 18th 2014
Version 0.6 - January 11th 2014
Version 0.5 - January 10th 2014
How to install and use?

1. Extract the downloaded archive to your CoH2 installation folder, e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Company of Heroes 2

2. Make sure you now have a folder called "ccm" in your CoH2 installation folder

3. Launch CoH2 with -dev mode

3.1 Goto your steam games collection, right click CoH2 and select Properties.
3.2 Under the General tab click the Set launch options... button.
3.3 Add "-dev" without quotation marks (Make sure to leave space between additional tags such as "-nomovies", e.g. "-dev -nomovies") and click OK.
3.4 Close the game's Properties window and launch CoH2.

4. Start a match, Open Game console by pressing Control + Shift + ~ (tilde)
In a keyboard which contains Scandinavian letters such as ö, ä, å, please use ö instead of ~ (tilde), e.g. Control + Shift + Ö

5. Paste in this text and press enter:


Close the console by pressing the same hotkey again. You are now good to go!
For example, press Control + Q to spawn a pioneer / a combat engineer squad and Control + Delete to remove it (if selected)

Janne252 Author

Please let me know in the comments about features you are missing! I'll do my best implementing them. I'll do another update next week if there's anything to update.

I also would like to apologize for the recent inactivity here. I've been busy coding at COH2.ORG the ladders and playercards.

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I know a feature you can add:
_increase/decrease unit damage to make the unit powerful and
rotate/move building to adjust position of buildings like trench bunkers.

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Janne252 Author

Done. Those will be available in the next version.

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Thanks Janne

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Hi, I disabled my Steam auto update for CoH, is it safe to turn it back on? Thanks.

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Janne252 Author

I assume you are talking about COH2, right? In case of that, yes.

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Works fine, thank you Janne!

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when the next update will be released?

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Janne252 Author

Unless there are no more requests, by the end of this week.

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Janne252 Author

0.9 updated to the downloads list.

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thanks janne

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well done with this mod.

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Hi Janne, my name is SirPsycho and am still currently modding coh1. Ive created an ammo system for my mod which is still in its early stages but is working. But presently i'm doing some things manually which will need a Scar code to do. I do have experience in scar but sadly this bit i need I cant seem to figure out. So my question is, how does one go about deleting 1 player owned entity when multiple ones will be in use on map (dummy invisible entities) The entity represents a "round", and from within the fire_actions of the weapon, the script will be placed and fired to remove that one entity. So for an example, lets say i have a few mags of ammo and each consist of 10 rounds, that would give me 30 dummy entities on map ( a specific spawning marker out of way of gameplay), I need to now turn that 30 entities to 29, what is the best method to get that result? Thanks for any ideas or help, it would be much appreciated, SirPsycho

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