ChaosUT was the next generation of the popular Quake2 version. It added some new elements as well as had the old Chaos feel. It was able to make it into the GOYTE and was well received by the UT Community. With the release of UT2k3 develop has stopped and the team has moved over to the next generation version for UT2k3 called ChaosUT2:Evolution. The final public release of CUT was v1.1 and can be downloaded from the our Web Site.

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Ever asked yourself - damn dled all the maps but when comes the best in the world of all times??? Now - the time has finally come! This map isnt your everyday fly-curse-laugh trip much more like a real life experience.

Kaal979 Author

People may ask how this could
be the actual best map in the world ever at all?
The answer isnt quite simple since it actually was some sort
of fun projest playing around with stuffs from original maps.
But later i found out to add a most tricky discovery parcours
what actually revolutionizes all multiplayer maps of the future.
This great mix of discover and fight is mostly possible because of
the continuous layout which perfectly hides the secret entrances.
About this i copied all features like the many redeemers and the
sniping from the favourite mpuk server map dm-redeemersniperheaven
simply because it was sort of preferred realistic super action.
Also in normal dms often occurs that killed players respawn at the
nearest location and must be killed twice what feels weird.
Thats why i made the great center spawnroom which somehow
at all enabled those new ways. This map is absolute unique and
its a nearly unsolvable idea to bring the entire greatness into
a new map last but not least because of chaosuts fantastic
gravity vortex bomb which allows to for abit time absolutely
score kill all respawning bots in the spawnroom.

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Kaal979 Author

Although - its not impossible to make
a easy receipe for this type of maps!
Simply all players must spawn in the
same location which must be left in
order to fight for some pickup places.
And the vortex bomb thing could be
replaced with a hard to find/reach
temporary death trigger.
Et voila - the perfect deathmatch
setting for the future is complete.

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Kaal979 Author

Oh - i see it is missing a unique characteristic
name .. hmm let me think ... maybe spawnkill ...
ahem no ... better be ... KillingTime or FragTime!

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Kaal979 Author

Or maybe SpawnKill (LOL) sounds
though better - idk after all its
also still good old deathmatch.

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Kaal979 Author

No wait - i got the
perfect - TERMINATIONN!!
Or maybe Temporation?
Termination sounds
way better imo - what
do others think?

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Kaal979 Author

Small report from my continuous visits:
I used the default bots from my UTScalePack
on "Godlike" - 16 of random choice and only seldom
was on top after the 20 minutes (which currently
cant be turnd off). The only very way to get more
frags than the carnage crew in the spawnroom is
to grab all gravity vortexes which spawn and
throwem into this spawnroom. Now i though that
it was abit too easy and made all the bots more
perfect with all sliders at maximum (or minimum
for camping of course). And voila - now its a
true challenge to not be the last loser!

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