Archon ---> Quake. You heard right, elements of the 80's micro game archon extrapolated into the Quake universe. Get ready for a wild ride.                               (free stuff | no warranty | see disclaimer.txt | blah blah blah.)

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Lavabomb - a morph story
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numbersix Author

Lava morph - Cthons son
A.K.A "Lavabomb"

(orignal chaos mod designator "SOC" - son of Cthon)

"the Story"

Once upon a Quake, Shubbers needed a realm guardian.
What better than an 80 foot tall lava creature that can throw explosive lava blobs?

Once summoned Cthon proved to be a great guardian. With the exception of being very difficult to control. The thing about a large mass of living lava - its hard to damage or convince of anything. Particularly things like it sticking around and guarding some power rune.

Enter the massive "House of Cthon" lava pit electric grid.
It took 100 shamblers to pump out the juice to power one electrode. The grid needed two.
Cthon could be controlled.

Until the Nehahra conspiracy.

A lone power hungry immortal named "Max" bribed a few units of Shubbers forces to give the 200 Shamblers a few dozen quad artifacts. Max engineered this to happen when a lone warrior for the earth realm - "Lt. Phil" just happened to come by looking for the earth rune.

And the over juiced electric anodes melted Cthon (the nearly indestructible) into his own lava pool.

"I need a vacation"


As the lava blobbed down into the pool, a few bits retained intellect and will.
Parts of Cthon lived!

Lavabomb is a small sentient lava pool the near exact size and shape of a tarbaby.

The lava form is capable of firing lava balls and spikes of its own mass.
It also possess the dangerous tarbaby jump attack and the tendency to explode when excessive damage occurs.

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numbersix Author

Jump in a lava pool and get healed. Or... Turn into a mini Cthon (try ALT-FIRE in lava.) Stay in the pool though - mini Cthon can NOT exist away from the lava. Mini Cthons lava balls explode - just like Dads.

And stay out of water - it causes damage.

However, when a Lavabomb takes damage - the wounded lava can cytokinesis more tarbabys and lavabombs. Lavabombs also leave behind lava pools - they stay hot for a time and set things on fire.

(If you get stuck Lavabomb has a built in grapple hook of lava with limited range.)

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numbersix Author


Lava balls:
Tarbaby: and

"I need a vacation":
Definitely covers Cthons death scene.

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numbersix Author

Almost forgot this -

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A few lava puddles left by Lavabomb has gibbed down an errant knight. This is the story of the Lava form morph.

Image inserts:
up left - 2 monster_lavabombs
Lower right - Cthon and a lava morph in "son" mode

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