This modification aims to provide the epic battle of GDI and NOD into the Crysis® Wars® engine. It will provide players with the chance to experience what Command & Conquer™: Tiberian Sun™ should have been, with the ability to handle and use many of the original features of the original game plus those enhanced features of the Crysis® engine. Through this world you will get to see Command & Conquer™: Tiberian Sun™ up close and personal, with glowing crystals of tiberium in fields of battle, walking mech warriors like the GDI Mammoth Mk.II, and the ability to control everything what you like, every vehicle, every defense building, and of course yourself.

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It is a long time ago when we posted our last update, but with this Interview many interesting questions got answered and many information were given about the C&C Tiberian Genesis Mod.

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Hello everybody

Finally, after a long time... we got some updates for you.
The german Crysis community was interested in our project and started a Q&A-Interview with us in their forums.
A good opportunity for us to show some progress of our work.

Here is an english version of the Q&A-Interview on about the "C&C Tiberian Genesis"-Mod :

The Community could ask the developer some questions and the developer had answered these questions. Here is the interview with some media stuff as well :

    Question: In which way will you take over the units and buildings of Tiberian Sun? Is there some stuff which is not possible?

    Answer :

    Every construction building will be created and some civilian buildings too. The same for the units. The only thing about we are not sure is the tiberiumwasterefinery and the firestorm generator, we got no ideas how to realize this in a good way of performance and optics yet.

    Question: What can we expect of the mod? Will it be playable in Singleplayer and Multiplayer with a lot of players too?

    Answer : Singleplayer is currently not planned because of lack of mappers. We are working on the Multplayer C&C realtime strategy mode for now.

    Question: What are the differences between the Command & Crysis mod and yours?

    Answer :

    We will melt C&C Tiberian Sun / Firestorm with Crysis together and don´t recreate a Renegade like “RTS” MP shooter for Crysis.
    The whole Tiberian Sun universe will be simulated and combined in a RTS/FPS mode for Crysis.
    To reach this target we need at first the Tiberium surroundings.
    These are currently in building and we are planning a dynamic Tiberium infestation system with threatening growing Tiberiumfields and the mutated vegetationsystem of Firestorm… more about that later.
    We are also working on a buildmenu and planning a RTS mode in the style of Conquer the Island (RTS mode of OFP/ArmA) and Natural-Selection (HL2 modification).

    If you know these mods you can guess about what we want to achieve.

    We are also putting a lot of value on the original recreation of the Tiberian Sun universe. Every building and every unit will be modeled with the help of existing renders and after that modified by a bit of free art with details.

User Posted Image User Posted Image User Posted Image

    Question: Battlefield 2/2142 already has a commander mode. Will your commander mode be like the Battlefield one or will you totally create a new one? Will you be able to directly command your own troops like sending orders for attacking or defending?

    Answer : We are planning the original buildmenu of C&C with some addons for the order/assignment for the players and later the AI.

    Question: Are there speculations about the productionduration till the final release yet?

    Answer : Productiondurations are a bit delayed because of lack of personal. To the release date… just guess ;)
    When it´s done =)…

    Question: What about the current process in your mod? Does the mod SDK gives you what you expected?

    Answer :

    About our mod:
    The work on our mod is running nice and smoothly we have to learn a lot but we are making good progress anyway.
    The remodeling phase is in full progress and the first vehicles are rolling and shooting yet.
    We made progress with the menumanipulation and creation of entities as well.

    Ah, and before I forgot it. Additional talented modders are welcome.
    Currently we are suffering on “Texturist defiancy” and can only finish our units very slow.

    If someone likes to know more about Crysis modding and is able to communicate with our members or mod partnerships out of the whole world (english), then feel free to check out our Jobsection on There is no limit for the postions in our team yet. :-)

    About the Mod SDK of Crytek:
    The source SDK is like a dream this is exactly what he had expected of Crysis.
    Our possibilities are unlimited.
    The tools are still are bit buggy but they are providing the modder with everything he needs.
    Some more documentations would be nice but the community and crytek is already working on it and spending some pieces every day.

User Posted Image User Posted Image User Posted Image

    Question: Will there be only the Tiberian Sun buildable units or even some like e.g. from Reborn, the Flamethrower-Soldier of Nod and some others?

    Answer : We will naturally be a bit creative, and we try to expand the assortment of units as well as the arsenal of weapons for soldiers. The battles should not get too monotonous and above all the balance between the both fractions should be fine. A flamethrower for infantry and some tiberium weapons should be included though.

    Question: Will there be buildable walls with automatic gates and sandbags? And will the Basedefenses as well as the gates be integrable into the walls?

    Answer : A big YES! Without these features the whole thing would not be C&C Tiberian Sun ;)

    Question: Will you be able to destroy whole buildings, or will they just get dark and partially destroyed like in Renegade?

    Answer : The whole buildings will be completely destroyable, because you naturally need space for building new houses and buildings. We are currently poring over a damage-system, but we do not have anything concrete yet, except BOOMM! and gone.^^

    Question: Will there be the underground technique of Nod? (APC, Flametank). Is this possible at all?

    Answer : It is possible, yes. These units are scheduled of course.

    Question: Will you be able to buy a harvester for collecting tiberium on your own?

    Answer : Yes, one player will be engaged to collect his tiberium ;) (as long as there is no AI in the MP Mode...), the other ones should protect this player as good as possible and above all giving him a break and taking over his job sometimes.

    User Posted Image User Posted Image User Posted Image

    Question: Will (potentially) walls and gates be destroyable?

    Answer : Yes, they will definitely be destroyable... look at the questions about the buildings above.

    Question: Will there be signal towers, so to say the towers which were only available in the campaign?

    Answer : For the basebuilding they are not "yet" planned, but they will be there as civilian buildings on miscellaneous Maps.

    Question: Will there be a demo in the near future?

    Answer : We will give you a foretaste with the TechLevel 1, as soon as it is completed (later there will follow information about that topic).

    We hope you liked our answers and we are looking forward to see many comments.


4 Videos :
- GDI Base test (old)
- NOD Attack Buggy in action
- first polybump tests
- Demonstration of the last face errors of the Construction Yard

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-C&C Tiberian Genesis Mod Dev Team

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