Command & Conquer: Tiberian Odyssey - A total conversion for C&C Tiberian Sun developed by the Tiberian Odyssey team. Tiberian Odyssey takes place 11 years after Tiberian Sun: Firestorm in the year 2041 and portrays own unique vision of a greatly expanded Tiberian Universe. Experience a brand new story told through an innovative and interactive campaign where your decisions as a commander will have a direct effect on the path you take and outcome of the war. Enjoy many new features such as; highly improved graphics, new and revamped sound effects, a completely new and unique musical score and an entirely new set of multiplayer maps to play on including different game styles and game modes. Tiberian Odyssey will be a 100% standalone game and will require no additional CnC games or discs to run. The Tiberian Odyssey project has been in development for over 5 years and does not follow any of the events seen in C&C 3 and is in no way related to it.

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After the the conflict in Firestorm, Nod was beaten and broken. The survivors fled their facilities with many different goals, but it all boiled down to one purpose: Survival.

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Firestorm-Aftermath wrote: CABAL tapped into Nod's communication network before his main core was destroyed and released a devastating computer virus that later disrupted any of Nod's Tacitus-related devices, causing what was left of the brotherhood's technology of peace to malfunction. Banshees literally fell from the skies and stealth tanks or generators would either instantly uncloak and shutdown or have their generators overload, it was a disaster beyond anything the brotherhood could have ever imagined.

The Brotherhood was divided for the second time in history, and fallen for the third.
While many bases were completely eradicated, mass exoduses of personnel allowed for some of the most prevalent groups within the brotherhood to reform into viable factions of their own.
For the purposes of the campaign, you'll play an unnamed splinter which will first try to reunite the Brotherhood. As the campaign begins you will have to fight against or infiltrate these splinter cells to gain their support or steal their technology. This technology will be the basis of Nod's return to power.

The Splinters:

There are a few main ones: The Genesis Legion, The Hammer Scorpions, and The Fist of Nod. There are a few other minor splinters, but by the time of the Nod campaign most have fallen apart and been assimilated into the main splinters.

Main Splinters:

The Genesis Legion:

Genesis Artillery

Black Angel Aircraft

Originally from the underground research facility north of Hamburg, the Brotherhood's scientific core quickly ran to the east in an effort to avoid the GDI and Cabal fronts. Research and development into Tiberium technology have given the Legion an advantage over the other cells in Eastern Europe and make them one of the most predominant forces in the region.

Location: Eastern Europe
Technology: Tiberium based weapons
Special Units: Weevil Artillery, Black Angel

  • The Weevil is a small mobile artillery which can be used well as a support platform in both offence and defence. Tiberium-based shells mean that this artillery is especially good at dealing with Infantry.
  • The Black Angel is a fast aircraft capable of carrying a large payload of earth shattering bombs. These aircraft pose a significant threat to infantry and vehicles alike, and can be expected to prey on unprotected units. The Black Angel's speed has allowed it to evade detection and anti-aircraft fire, and makes this unit a terrifying adversary.

The Hammer Scorpions:

Drug dealers and thugs

The Hammer Scorpions were never a large group, but now hold a great sway along the Mediterranean coast due to their drug trafficking abilities. Brute force and simplicity are the mainstay of the Hammer Scorpions force, however their thuggery and internal politics make them hardly a threat to anyone.

Location: Spain and France
Technology: Crime and Drugs
Special Units: Blister Tank

  • The Blister brings a heavier cannon to the fray. Despite low armour, the Blister Tank's ability to destroy enemy units quickly makes it a good defensive tool although unlike its immediate successor, the Tick Tank, the Blister cannot burrow into the ground.

The Fist of Nod:

Phase APC

Scorpion Tank

Brought together in the common goal of ensuring the survival of the Brotherhood, these misguided zealots still believe in a long-dead world. The Fist of Nod is one of the more combative factions which rose from the stricken Nod, formed from the remaining leaders in Nod's central command-structure. Their strength and charisma has made them a target for GDI in the past years, and they continue to be a major threat.

Location: North Africa
Technology: Salvaged Technologies from before the fall of Nod.
Special Units: Phase APC, Scorpion Tank

  • The Phase APC uses small stealth emitters to cloak itself and it's five occupants. This makes it very effective for covert missions, but the low armour makes it quite fragile in the line of real combat.
  • Unlike most vehicles with a three tracked design, the Scorpion is quite manoeuvrable. Carrying a small gun makes its effectiveness limited at long range or against heavy targets.

In the Campaign:

In the first few missions, which factions you destroy and which ones you ally with will change your buildlist later on or give you reinforcements in later missions. Some parts of the campaign will play completely differently depending on which splinters you have chosen to take control of.
This gives the player a much greater ability to choose their own style of play as Nod, but only if they can successfully coerce the splinters they want into aiding them.


looking nice! love the black angel aircraft.

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Cool, hope to see more future updates from this mod. ;)

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Awesome. Tracking...

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Will it have support on Desura? That would be brilliant! Automatic updates ect.

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Orac| Author

It's funny you should ask that, since I've been investigating Desura for my own reasons quite recently.
In reality, I'm not sure that the intended release schedule of TO (One big, mostly finished project with patches until all the content is as close to 100% stable as possible) suits the automatic update formula, which to my mind is better used in smaller chunks.

If we planned to release in small portions or make development more open then it might make sense to hook something like that up, but for now I'd personally prefer to push towards completion and then think about adding extra content.

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Sounds great, especially like the campaign idea of what sub fractions you kill/ally with.

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Yeah sounds like emperor: battle for dune. very cool.

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Indeed, very atreides style campaign.

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Great Mod ! Thanks for the news ! I wish you and your team and family a happy christmas! The story and the design of the units and the atmosphere in the mapdesign is excellent !

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