Command & Conquer Stargate Universe is a MOD developed by a french team on C&C generals: Zero Hour. The final version aims to be a whole new RTS game based on the popular Stargate franchise. The game will provide you with a total of seven playable races (Tau'ri, Goa'uld, Asgards, Réplicators, Ancients, Wraith and Ori), this diversity is due to Stargate world's own diversity (SG-1, Atlantis, Universe and movies). The MOD is designed to be released in three version, each one providing new playable races.


This new version includes the 3 factions Tau'ri, Goa'uld and Asgard. The Replicators are not yet available. The version 1.5 Beta 2 adds some new units and new abilities on old units. The HUD changed a bit by adding stats on unit tooltips (energy consumption, building time, garrison slots) and lot of icons were reworked. A new skirmish map is avalaible : Abydos ! The mod is now compatible with the C&C Ultimate Collection. In the same way, the installer and the launcher were improved to prevent dysfunctions and offer help.

CnC SGU Version 1.5 Beta 2  130923 Mac
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