C&C: ShockWave is an enhancement mod for C&C Generals: Zero Hour. The main goal of this mod is to make Zero Hour a more interesting game with more diversity between the generals, making you think twice before you select a certain general, and overall provide more choices, diversity, and strategic freedom than in Zero Hour - while keeping the spirit and design direction of the original Generals game and storyline.

maaster_yoda says

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Shockwave is a brilliant mod, if you loved to play zero hour, then you'll love shockwave! It takes zero hour and massively diversifies it, adding in new generals, units and with all that new ways to play the game! The motar units are especially notable, adding in an early game artillery system that can make or break you! The mod is very professionally put together, with excellent models and no horrendous bugs! A risk with these type of mods is that they become unbalanced, due to the developers bias or mistake, but not shockwave! My friends and I have played many a match, with randomly selected generals never knowing who will come out on top! All in all, if you enjoyed Zero Hour, or even Generals, then you'll love Shockwave!

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This is maybe one of the best mod I ever played before!
I'm really looking forward to playing ShW1.00 this comming december!

Nov 7 2010 by Noob_General_Xiao