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Tesla_commando says

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This is an excellent mod for YR!
First of all, it aims to balance all sides, which it does. It is also one of the few mods that greatly edits the previous units. It also adds dozens of new units which all have a different purpose. The mod has a new main menu, new voxels and icons for previous units ... etc. Also, the previously unbalanced 'country' sides are now balanced. Each side has four new units and two veteran old units. This is also one of the few nods that have Yuri sub factions. The sides are more balanced.
However, the mod has a very large size of 477 mb and so, skirmish maps take forever to load. The soundtrack has to be separately installed. There are a lot of units that are over priced. And the 'Queen' units are tooooooo overpowered. Although the vanilla sides are balanced, the countries/sub factions are not. And 477 MBs but no campaigns!! This mod would fit perfectly with a campaign.

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Nov 24 2010 by VALIK1994