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Zocker4ever says

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A great mod that knows how to really improve a game instead of adding a shitload of useless content. This mod makes every faction more interesting, modernizes the overall gameplay, better balancing (althought there would be still room for improvement).

I really can recommend this mod for players who like the style of YR, because this mod follows its style intransigently.

# Addition:
I know that this mod is not being continued but I still have to say that the people who are still bitching this mod just don't get it...

In fact it's pathetic when people say that their mod is superior or a different mod is inferiour because they don't like the gameplay.

This is one of the very view mods that ACTUALLY STAY TRUE to the original idea of RA2 but this mod turns it up to eleven, many like it, others don't. Really how many mods are there that add random **** that doesn't fit into a faction scheme?

If you don't like the original gameplay (including Yuri gameplay) you will neither like this.

I don't want to say names but some modders think they are better than others and believe that they can judge about the work of others without even trying to understand what a mod is about. Balancing and eye candy is not everything. Fun and essence of a game/mod is important and this mod has plenty of it!

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Nov 24 2010 by VALIK1994