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Red Alert: Reborn **: Proof that big is not better.

Red Alert Reborn is a project that aims to rework and re balance each side for improved game play. It adds literally hundreds of new units and art with which to achieve this. While many units are unique and fun, most fulfill an existing niche and will probably never be used actively on the battlefield. Many simply fulfill the same role, but with a bigger gun and are available at the same tech level.

Continuity is a big is a big issue in this mod, with dozens of units looking out of place with their counterparts or incomplete. Numerous artists are reflected in the graphics and this leads to very ugly and inconsistent looking armies.

The mod also aims for balance and opportunity it has sadly missed. Many units are completely overpowered and the entire game-play evolves around who can get them first. In this way, strategy goes out the window and even playing with a friend becomes a predictable experience. The AI itself ranges from childishly easy to ridiculously brutal and casual players will be unable to cope and even experienced ones will struggle. Early game-play involves desperately trying to build defenses quickly to counter the spam tactics of the computer. Wave after wave of tanks and paratroopers will frustrate the player more than it will challenge them.

450MB is also far too large for a Red Alert 2 mod and on inspecting the internal files, it is unfortunate to see that the creator has not taken the time to trim things down a sign that things have been rushed. Many files also overwrite previous ones, a factor that can easily be avoided with custom installers. This is sad, because there is a lot of potential for this mod. There are small gems of good ideas, but these are outweighed by the cluttered game play, lack of consistency, scattered graphics and poorly written AI.


VALIK1994 says

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This mod is probably the best mod for Yuri's Revenge I have ever played, and I have played quite a few. My only problem with it, is I am not good enough to beat the AI more than occasionally! This last game, I lost within seconds...gah!!!

Дорогие товарищи! Хочу очень поблагодарить вас за этот мод! "EA games" отдыхает. Для меня как для истенного любителя C&C всё закончилось на реванше Юры, "EA games" просто убили игру... А вы сделали достойное... да что уж там... ОФИГИТЕЛЬНОЕ продолжение! Спасибо огромное!

P.S. Уверен. Ребята из покойной WESTWOOD гордятся вами! =)))

Даже, как супер скептически относящийся к модам человек, могу сказать что этот мод мне понравился на 10/10. Так-же порадовало качество новых воксельных моделек, обычно в самопальных модах всякая ерунда попадется.
Остается делать его только лучше и лучше, пока в потолок не упрутся)

This mod is tragic in its failed execution. Reborn has so much going for it but when you get down to it, it ultimately falls flat on its face.

First things first though, I loved the new factions(as well as the units, maps and so forth) and entire thing runs as it should. There is obviously a lot of effort and thought put into this.

Which is why it hurts to rate it a 4, because I really did want to love this mod. The broken pause menu, spamming AI and the missing buttons that can lead you into having to use task manager to close it then start over makes it a 4 though.

I rated this 4/10 because as a player who prefers to actually be able to enjoy offline gaming, I am disappointed they did not fully test this to make sure it actually worked. That and being able to change the music or pause without having to exit out. (Slight Bug Report: The Reborn maps seem to like leaking into other map packs)


Да что тут писать! Запустите и наслаждайтесь...


eil says

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мод реально хорош!. а главное он действительно поддерживает и продолжает дух оригинала на деле, а не только на словах, как некоторые иные моды(не буду тыкать пальцами в фаворита здешнего голосования).

You give all others a one, guess you deserve one too.

Cut n paste units, no thought putin at all. Creator steals units. Big, redundant files, download too big, not many content. Breaks original game. Breaks campaigns, very slow. Do not buy.

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Nov 24 2010 by VALIK1994