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This news is about beta release details.

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After almost two years of development. I feel that the mod is ready to be released once more and for the last time unfortunately. I've realised that this solitary working condition has affected my free time and the ability to stay enthusiastic quite potently. Not to mention that my mental health wasn't at its best in the last two years, this is probably for the best.

There isn't many video samples, I'll provide some more in the near future.

However, the time I took pay off quite exponentially. The size of content has risen to the point where it even harder for me to upload.

Now, you can expect the followings to be included in the beta:

1. More realistic warfare and weaponry If you ever played a mod called "Blitzkrieg" for Company of Heroes before, that's the mod I took my inspiration from mainly. Although, my version might not be the most realistic one, it still has some Generals feelings and atmosphere to it.

In addition to the gameplay, I've also polish the destroyable and repairable bridge feature to the point that you can damage and subsequently, destroy it and repair via the towers (only if not destroyed). These bridges can be found on several maps but not every bridge map.
*Notice: the destroyable bridges must either have shadows or towers (or both).

Additional minor features such as:
-Rocks and icy planes are also completely destructible.
-Infantry is now trained in group to resemble squad system without losing the ability garrison buildings.
-Big plane hulks and aircraft/helicopter crashing damage.

2. Environmental enhancements As obviously as it is, graphical and immersion have always been this mod priority of content creation. These are the additional things I want to include in the mod. The pictures explain themselves.

You can visit Facebook for more samples:

3. New music and sound effects If you've followed this mod for quite some time, you'll already notice that this mod has gained an unexpected assistance from a talented music composer. The game tracks are all replaced by the new ones, you can listen to the unpolished previews here:

As for the sound part, I've added a new feature which allows you to hear sounds from afar such as distant artillery impact sounds.

4. Even more polished particle effects If you thought that the effects in the previous release are great then these new ones will definitely surprise you. The new particles are heavily edited from the sample of real life clips plus my imagination to bring you the utmost fancy fireworks.

5. Some new units and buildings Some new units and buildings have been added with full cameos make over to make them feel too bad arse for the real combat situation. Some of the examples are shown below:

You can visit Facebook for more samples:

6. New maps Although there aren't many, this is the type of content which can be created and released in later times. These maps I personally designed take some inspiration from other games and will have a unique style of playing to each one. This release has eight new maps.

7. More HD support, less SD support With the permission granted from Stalker. I've been able to introduce eighteen command set slots and HD control bar to the mod. However, SD control is no longer support and view inevitably looks ugly (Since eighteen slots are used, vanilla is fourteen).

What not to expect from this release:

1. Super Intelligent Uber Smart AI AI script has always been one of the things that is out of my league and I tried my best to program it. It's not goof but it's at least playable and fun.

2. Addtional units and buidlings Some units and buildings aren't not finished and there is no indication whether they will ever be or not. This includes HD infantry remakes and the sample models down below.


3. Smooth frame rate, freezes, mismatches and crashes You can expect your gameplay to be smooth when you turn on every option in the menu. As simple as that. Zero Hour is also known to be frequently crashed and mismatched for unknown reasons. Nothing can be done about that. This mod can also freeze your game when on full settings.

4. Unique voice overs This mod has not been provided with assistance or suitable environment for voice acting. Don't expect new original voices.

5. Super balanced gameplay and factions
I've never said that realism is balanced so don't expect it to be. Gameplay is also depended on specific maps. Some faction might be good in open fields while the others might not.

6. Campaign mode This section is pretty much dead. Don't ever expect it to shed lights. This also includes the NATO makeover. The textures will pretty much stay the same.

That's pretty much the summary of my two years work. If there's anything I've forgotten about, it will be added to this article later on.

FAQ: Can I expect future contents?
Answer: Yes, but it won't be as major as this release. It will be mostly maps and patches. Additional contents should be rare.

FAQ: Can I expect challenge mode then if not campaign?
Answer: Yes, you can expect it but no promises.

FAQ: Are you done with this mod?
Answer: Yes, but I'll work on it so more if I'm in the mood.

FAQ: What are you going to do next?
Answer: Relax, new project on indie gaming section and my art works. I'll probably post a update on my profile for it or even here.

FAQ: Can I use the contents from this mod?
Answer: Yes and no, some are and some aren't mine. If you ask me first, I can tell you who owns what.

Release date is expected to be within July at minimum and the 10th days of August at most.

I'm currently working on a gameplay trailer coming soon. I guess. Also, loads of screenshot dump.


Sorry to hear you leave, this project this has been one of my favorite mods to track and this is going to be fun when you release it.

And is it possible because you leaving behind some uber-great models behind to release them to the public?

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VectorIV Author

The models will probably be used sometimes in the future in a certain patch. If not, I'll definitely release them.

A word of advice: don't over hype this mod.

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sucks that this mod is slowly dying

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Sorry to hear you leave Vector, but at least you're taking a break when you know you should be. My friend's mod leader threw himself into the modding because he had no free time doing so and well, he's sort of failing at his Uni. and has cut off almost all contact with any mod teammates to the point he does everything himself now. You're a great modder/artist, and I would not like to see you like that. Enjoy your "vacation"? I hope you do find the time to work on this mod at some certain points. Go out. Have fun. Enjoy life :) This has always been my favorite Generals: ZH mod. Btw, thanks for doing the Wake Island map, it looks gloriously fabulous. I don't fab would be a good word but yeah, it's a great looking map.

Was nice talking to you about the mod the past two years.

You deserve to relax after working on such a beautifully modded modification. On behalf of all the Enhanced players, thank you for this wonderful mod.

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Well... Damn. Good job all the same. I am always impressed by the amount that can be accomplished by some solo modders. Well done for sticking with it for so long.

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Goodbye Vector, I have been tracking this mod for a long time now and thankyou for developing this awesome mod, best of luck with your endeavors and we will all be eager to see your return.

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Awesome! Super excited to play this mod! :) and good job! It's hard to find people that actually try to complete there mods most people I see just give up on them, but anyway well done!

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I still remember the moment i saw this project and joined. Many joined, many left early. Which include me. I havent done in ages until i reopend my moddb account. Its good that you held till the end. You earned a medal and a good ammount of rest. I will follow you in your future projects and art. Sigh I dont know if i could do anything for you to thank you. I will play this mod with memory's in the acoustic alpha.

Good job vec ;).

(I hope the grammar is correct xD.)

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You found a way to make squads that can garrison buildings?

Can't wait!

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Looking so good as always, really... ^-^

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where is the MOD its' 24 July now

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