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This pits each team against eachother, with the objective being to destroy each other's bases. The beuty is that the team's respective bases are bound by typical C&C rules: blow up the mining facility, and it won't be able to make money. Destroy its vehicle factory, and it won't be able to produce vehicles. Do the same with base's power.

I think you get the idea.

Key Features:
You can easily create as many different character classes as you want, including the health, armor, weapons and ammo lists, Stamina chart, Movement table, and player model.

You can easily create as many vehicles you want.

You can specify which character class a player inherits when they spawn at any individual spawn point.

You can construct the PT menu for characters and vehicles from the SoldierFactory and VehicleFactory buildings.

You can place as many PT zones as you want anywhere. These act as encapsulated areas of space whose shape can be altered per PT zone. This means you can easily fit a PT zone anywhere you want on a map and make it look and feel appealing to that map.

You can place as many Gun Emplacements anywhere you want on the map that will obey building rules including powering down on base power loss and becoming inactive when the team's BaseDefense is destroyed. Freedom to enable/disable most of this logic is available per gun emplacement.

You can enable/disable anything including PT zones, spawners, and dynamic lights when a building is powered up, powered down, and/or destroyed.

You can place no or any amount of "MCT"s, called CriticalPoints, to any building. This means a building can have more than one MCT, no MCT, or more than one building can share the same MCT.

You can specify the Resource timer on the MineFacility per map.

After much work from the team, we have come to the conclusion that the best way to get more artists on board is to get out there with what we are doing a bit more.

Today, I am here to announce an “open beta / technology preview” that will be focused for level designers to come in and start making maps for C&C FarCry.

What is supported in the mod?

Currently we have almost all of our coding completed in 1.4 and are tracking down bugs as well as gearing up to start a huge push on getting our maps and buildings developed.

In our initial release we are providing you with all of the scripting, as well as a tutorial to start building your own C&C style maps for FarCry. At the current time we are not yet ready to release our own maps, but as community maps are created, we will be creating official community map packs.

The current mod has the following features:

  • Pre-built building classes including the Soldier Factory, Vehicle Factory, Refinary, Power plant, Communication Center, and Base Defense System
  • Pre-defined character classes including Basic Soldiers, Close (shotgun) Infantry, Snipers, Engineers, and Heavy Assault Infantry
  • Gun Emplacements allow for balanced automatic base protection
  • Security Zones aid in team communication and base protection, offering a second option in place of gun emplacements
  • Character class-defined player spawn points allow for custom spawning rules
  • Purchase Terminal access points may be placed where you feel they fit
  • Vehicle spawn points allow for unique base layouts
  • Entity and game logic work WITH you, not AGAINST you when designing your levels
  • "Lego-Style" building construction puts emphasis on art and level design over technology
  • Simple but powerful Building system designed for customized maps - You can make your own unique buildings just for you map!
  • Building log (including health and building-specific variables) can be defined per map
  • Dynamic Purchase Menu definable by map
  • Custom character classes definable per map

Please use our forums to report any bugs, issues, and questions that you have. Below is a link to the tutorial content, as well as the tutorial in PDF format.
Many thanks go to all of the team members who have came and passed, and especially to our current team roster. A huge thanks goes out to vloktboky for breaking his neck getting the code going, most of this work is his, and I must say, it turned out exactly as we expected it to, showing his skill.


C&C FarCry Beta 21807
C&C FarCry Beta 21807 Tutorial
C&C FarCry Beta 21807 Tutorial Files


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Quick Update


Just a real quick update, we will be releasing in about 2-3 weeks :D

C&C FarCry Public Beta - Technology Preview

News 1 comment

After much work from the team, we have come to the conclusion that the best way to get more artists on board is to get out there with what we are doing...

Patch 1.4 Updates


We are currently moving a lot of our code to C++ and upgrading for the 1.4 patch. This put a bit of a time issue on us, but we are working around it...

New Team Members


We are adding new team members daily here lately. We have picked up a level designer, 2 modelers, and a texture artist to help us wrap up this project...

Suprise Suprise


We are still cooking, we just finished up the majority for the scripting with much thanks to vlotboky for the nice work. We are still trying to put...

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C&C FarCry Beta

C&C FarCry Beta

Full Version

This mod follows some cues from Command and Conquer. You play to destroy the other teams' base. It uses C&C rules.

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so is this dead?

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so... is this at all like renegade?

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yo Dante.
Just wondering if you want that map finished lol?
I looked on me memory stick and i actually have it still!
Im on my laptop, so for presentational pictures, i'll have to keep sending you the map so you can make it look nice.

Sound good???

Look forward to hearing from you.



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This is awesome keep up the good work!

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@ Madkill40 EALA are NOT making a Renegade 2 on Crysis.

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Ofcourse its still alive lol. Dante is a bit busy but were making slow progress. just need some new members. Like more level deisgners and texture artists.

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Wow, this is still alive? I thought dante had too much real life issues to deal with. Going to be fro crysis or not?

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Hm well hopefully there are still some players, as I'd like to try this out, being a fan of the CnC Tierberium series (though 3 sucked.)


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This sounds groovy

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c&c renegade'ish mod for FarCry sounds perfect, keep up the good work.

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