C&C Coalition War is a C&C Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge Modification. It uses Npatch to enhance the gameplay and functions It adds tiberian universe factions Eg.GDI, NOD It also adds few more custom factions Eg. Spartans, EDA It also enhance the gameplay of Red Alert 2 skirmish. A couple of things are changed in with the original factions. This Mod will NOT remove original factions.

undermannen says

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The idea for this mod is great but it is still really unfinished/buggy.

First of all, Spartans are kind of overpowered. You really need to set up great anti infantry units to handle the attacks but then their catapults/other sides will destroy you.

Singapore, all they seem to do is air drop and infantry rush you. They kill off all the infantry in the battlefield and just turtle up with tanks. Their superweapon is overpowered since it can instantly destroy a conyard.

GDI, now here is another overpowered side. Drop pods too strong with the MMK II. The MMK II is just overall overpowered, great armor, great attack, no limit to how many you can have and you cannot mind control it. Ion cannon overpowered aswell.

Red Dawn, tiberium bombs overpowered, you dont even need superweapons enabled to have them and it instantly destroys any building. The taskmaster is kind of overpowered for the price and it has veterancy when built. The Scorpion is underpowered, the fire rate is really slow, the damage is not all that good and it does not auto regenerate nor can you repair it with MRV.

Nod, underpowered. I feel like they lack the cyborgs you want and the cyborgs you can get require superweapons enabled. BUT Nods superweapons does not work, neither of them. No other side requires superweapons enabled for units(reaper and cyborg commando).

Soviet(all sides)they do not do anything at all. They construct buildings up to the war factory and just builds apocalypse tanks(without a Battle Lab) and flak traks and sits in the base. No attacks or anything. Sometimes I have seen them work but that is very rare. The conscripts lack models on snow maps.

EDA, they are fine except the ORE Division are far too tough. The pelican air drop drops a lot of them in your base and it takes forever to kill them.

Allied and Yuri works.

I think that the superweapons of all sides need to be balanced to that of the nuke/weather storm/psychic dominator. Note that this is not every bug/imbalancement.

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