C&C Coalition War is an ambitious project that started all the way back in 2009, when we started a mod that implemented an Ancient Greece Spartans into the universe of Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2. After a series of popular demand of Spartans, the mod saw its first release C&C Coalition War v1.7 in Early November 2009. Than new factions and old factions were added within the month (E.g., EDA, Red Dawn, GDI and NOD). The mod saw its second release C&C Coalition War v1.8 containing the famous AI for Spartans. However, the project soon fell into a long absence in 30 November 2010 after the release of C&C Coalition War v1.851 Ares. The mod was no longer using Npatch/Rocketpatch due to its problem faced. Development was put on hold till than. The team made a short appearance again in 9 January 2012 releasing C&C Coalition War v1.851 Launchbase. Then the team went to absence once again. On 17 August 2012, the team decided to make a comeback from the long absence. The team worked on redesigning the initially imbalanced and somewhat incoherent Spartan faction and it’s visually and technically along with the others.

The current version 1.9 was released in 7 September 2012 and includes a wide range of features:

- Ancient Spartan Army that makes heavy use of fearsome Infantry Rush tactics. Hear the Famous Roar of the Spartans. Build your army across the map and unnerve your opponent show them what Spartans are made off! Obliterate them piece by piece.

- Mech Obsessed Earth Defence Alliance (EDA) as a fully functioning faction with unique buildings, units and powers. Dominate the ground with heavy Iron Hides, take the field with waves of ever-relentless UNSC Marines and obliterate your enemies with the unparalleled Carbon Hide.

- The Mutant Red Dawn follows the lead of Kane as a new sub faction of NOD. Using salvaged technology of NOD & GDI to spread the name of Kane and Tiberium. Being fond of the use of tiberium, Red Dawn is able fully use the tiberium to dominate his enemies with his tiberium weapons.

- Classic Tiberian Sun Factions
Global Defence Initiative (GDI)
The Brotherhood of NOD (NOD)

- Singapore

- Many new buildings, units and powers for the Allied, the Soviet and Yuri

- Map Generator (Ares) allows us infinite replay ability with this great add-on from Ares v0.1.

Allah s.w.t
C&C Mental Omega
C&C Mashup
YR Argentina
Lin Kuei Ominae -robots
Mig Eater
Chrono Loony
EA Games
Westwood Studio
Microsoft -Age Of Empires

If I missed out someone in the credits please inform me by private message.
So i can insert them in the credits list because there is to much awesome creation all over the world. :)
Love the world.
Love the people.

C&C Coalition Release.
C&C Coalition War Ares v1.9

To Install:

You will require Yuri's Revenge to be patch to v1.001.

Coalition War Ares v1.9 Beta Launchbase

1. Install Launchbase
2. Install C&C Coalition War v1.9.exe

3. Launch Launchbase

4. Choose Mod

5. Launch Mod

6. Enjoy

7. Optional For Multiplayer
Download Tunngle and Join Us!

User Posted Image

Embrace yourself with the new factions Spartans, EDA and others...
Its recommanded to play together with other people.
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A new era will begin.The War Continues...While the Death Angel fed the restless souls lost in this Coalition War,
the dark side will rise from its long sleep. (v2.0)

UsingAres v0.2

Changes/New Features:

Removed Campaign Button
Removed Movies And Credits Button
Removed SneakPeeksButton
Removed PlayMoviesButton

Added Prism Towers multiple chains support/Forwarding
Tweaked Prism Damage

Tesla Tank is able to overpower/support tesla coils
New Infantry graphics & shadow style

Removed Tesla Powerplant
Replaced Power Plant with Mini Nuclear Reactor

Added Banshee Reveal (SpyPlane)
Added New UIFixed EMP Cannon
Fixed NOD Missing Laser Turret
Fixed Nod Paradrops
Fixed NOD AI
Fixed Chemical Missile Siren Sound from not playing
Replaced Attack Bike

Added Orca Airstrike
Fixed GDI Paradrops
Fixed GDI Cash Special
Fixed GDI Ion Cannon
Fixed GDI AI
Fixed GDI Wall, From Allied Wall to GDI Wall
Recoloured GDI Orcas to Gold
Recoloured GDI Harvester to Gold
Remade GDI Mammoth Tank
Replaced Barrack and Tech Centre Cameo
Temporary Fix for GDI Drop Pods

Red Dawn:
Added New UI
Added New Graphics
Added New Harvester
Heavy Harvester
Removed Previous Harvester
Added Back Red Dawn's Scorpion
Added Canon Turret (Defence Structure)
Fixed Red Dawn AI
Fixed Red Dawn Tiberium Bomb
Remade RD Mammoth Tank Normals
Tweaked Red Dawn's Mutant Soldier Damage

Added Penteconter for Spartans (Currently Unable to Carry Infantry)
A Naval Transport Unit
Added 2 Trireme for Spartans
Trireme Ballista
Trireme Greek Fire
Added Spartan Spearman/Hoplite (Replacement of Spartan Pikeman)
Including New SFX
Added King Leonidas Including New SFX
Added New Spartan Swordsman Graphic
New SFX Spear Hit Sword Hit Arrow Hit
Adjusted Guard Tower FLH
Changed Spartan Swordsman Cameo
Fixed Spartans AI
Remodelled Ballista Ammo
Removed Legionaire
Removed Flying Beast
Removed Magic Orb (Beta) for Spartans
A Magic Orb that explodes
Tweaked Catapult's Rate of Fire (Slower)
Tweaked Archer's Rate of Fire and Damage
Tweaked Elephant as NonHuman
Tweaked Lion as NonHuman
Tweaked Kratos
Tweaked Overpowered Mayan Tower
Tweaked Ballista Arrow/Ammo to travel straight

Added New Graphics
Construction Yard
War Factory
New Buildings For EDA
Added New Paradrop Special (Pelican Paradrop)
Added AI For EDA
Added Vehicle Models For EDA Building Trucks
Added New EDA Harvester System
Changed EDA Refinary to Oil Derick
Fixed EDA Missing Cameo & Name
Fixed EDA Missing Airpad
Fixed EDA ParadropIron Hide Build Limit from 3 to 4
Pelican has CarryAll Function means it can carry a single vehicle no longer carries infantry
Replaced EDA Carbon Hide Graphic
Replaced Titanium Ignite Graphic
Replaced EDA Speeder Graphic
Removed Extra EDA MCV
Removed Refinery
UNSC Marine HP Tripled & Damage Reduce Tripled

Added New Graphics
Construction Yard
War Factory
Added AI For Singapore
Added Dual cannon Turret (Defence Structure)
Added Phalanx (Defence Structure)
Added TWO Singapore Snipers
Added Singapore Paradrop
Added Singapore Spyplane
Added Singapore Supply Pad
Fixed Infantry Shadows
Fixed Singapore Missing Artillery Defence/Turret
Fixed Singapore Mobile Artillery
New Tank Models
Tweaked Singapore Commando Movement Speed

Added Glow Effect on certain attacks (Feature Removed Not Working)
Added Tiberium Field Radioactive Gas Effect (Feature Removed Due to Lag)
Added Temporary Custom Menu Animation
Fixed NOD,GDI,RedDawn and EDA Infantry shooting ground effect
Fixed Missing Team Color Choices
Fixed Airstrike
Fixed Meteor Shower
Fixed Startup Launcher Photo

Like Us
Coalition War Update:Hari Raya Aidilfitri v1.9 Status

Coalition War Update:Hari Raya Aidilfitri v1.9 Status

News 2 comments

Status update on v1.9 Progress, Screenshots and Happy Hari Raya Aidilfitri for my fellow Muslims

20K Downloads Milestone!!

20K Downloads Milestone!!

News 1 comment

20K Downloads Milestone!! Updates on Fixes, Features and A New Faction!!

News/Game Mods

News/Game Mods

News 1 comment

News on upcoming fixes. FaceBook C&C: Coalition War Group



News 7 comments

News about the current game. Game using different extension file.

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Coalition War Ares v1.9 Launchbase

Coalition War Ares v1.9 Launchbase

Full Version 20 comments

Coalition War Ares v1.9 Beta Launchbase Read Installation Instructions

[OUTDATED]Coalition War Ares v1.851 BetaLaunchbase

[OUTDATED]Coalition War Ares v1.851 BetaLaunchbase

Full Version 4 comments

Coalition War Ares v1.851 Beta Launchbase May defer with non-launchbase version

[OUTDATED] Coalition War Ares v1.851 Beta Patch

[OUTDATED] Coalition War Ares v1.851 Beta Patch

Patch 5 comments

Coalition War Ares v1.851 Beta Patch. Fixes missing TS maps and other maps. Fixed some Gamemods: Fog Of War Firm Ground Armageddon Harvested Harvester...

[OUTDATED] Coalition War Ares v1.85 Beta

[OUTDATED] Coalition War Ares v1.85 Beta

Full Version 15 comments

Extract Files into RA2 folder and run file name "RunAres" Npatch not required. This version doesn't require older version of Coalition War to run with.

[OUTDATED] C&C Coalition War v1.8 FULL VERSION

[OUTDATED] C&C Coalition War v1.8 FULL VERSION

Full Version 27 comments

C&C Coalition War v1.8 FULL VERSION New Spartan AI New Units New Graphics New Fixes And more.. Yuri's Revenge v1.001 > Install Npatch Special Edition...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 156)
DanielDanBad - - 63 comments

Where is a english version?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Anderwin - - 194 comments

People download the new version here:


Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Warshtainer - - 39 comments

No! His lIVE!!!!!!! I finished this is mod , and did a version 2.0, but I do not know how to lay out her =(

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Gleb_AA-Gun - - 1,003 comments

What :o

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Omega1247 - - 1 comments

Is this mod dead? I'm hoping that its still alive :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Lord_Chimera - - 204 comments

Need help with this error message every time I start up CC Coalition in Launch Base:

"Cannot launch mod!
This mod requires Syringe which is not present.
Syringe has most likely failed to download - check your Internet connection."

I tried this these things:

-Clean re-install RA2 and YR with mod along with Launch Base
-Adding exception to antivirus and firewall (I'm using Malware Bytes Anti-Malware and Panda)

I can only launch the mod if I'm online. I can play the mod when I'm offline that is if I launched the mod when I was online. If I close the game and launch it while offline then I get the error message. In short I can play on and offline, but I have to be online to launch the mod. I'm at my wit's end trying to solve this since I can't be online all the time. Got any solutions that I haven't tried?

PS - I noticed that when the launching the mod the Syringe.exe disappears and files are being put in the RA2 folder. When I close the game or the launcher errors due to the reason above the files disappears and the Syringe.exe re-appears.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
SabretoothOrigins - - 94 comments

Is this mod still being developed? :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Gleb_AA-Gun - - 1,003 comments

Unlike the giant cry cry down there, For me the mod is okay, except for the swarming masses of inivisible Singapore infantry.
GDI is as expected, a bunch of ****, so yeah just like in the original game.
NOD could use some polishing, they are a bit underpowered, as in the original game NOD > GDI.

EDA is a god damn problem to the computer, it lags the hell out of it because of their miners... They spam a billion miners...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Anxozt - - 150 comments

Gona puke my blood
I play as Singapore for while,............
Guardsmen is more OP unit than spartan.. why
HE CAN CAPture vehicles, basic infatry, that is cheap,can be massed, can swim, have good attack,
So i manage to cap 3 rhino tank, 2 king tigers, about 3 tank destroyer, an prism tank, 2 gattling cannons and 2 stealth tank in first 10 minutes

Is the mod dead ? the moder dont respond on my whining

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Sabrisalim Creator
Sabrisalim - - 55 comments

We appreciate your comments on what needs to be improve to the mod, but first let us explain why and what we may have op some units.

For example the guardsman are supposedly elite unit as good as the commandos in terms of fitness and war tactics on the ground, but we now realized and accepted that it should not be too strong that it could capture enemies vehicle which they are not trained for. We will update the units mention to match as real as possible so as to achieve balance competitiveness during gameplay. We added iron canon due to the fact that they do not have any real special except for so we are looking into adding a new special in hope to at least give Singapore an advantage after we balance the troopers and remove the iron canon.

We will provide news on what to expect in the next mod. TY ENJOY

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Anxozt - - 150 comments

More whining

all round GDI infatry are NOTHING against Spartans !
OP with its mamoths and Heavy walker things (forget name)
Serriusly underpowered faction
Dont have rocket launcher infatry, all units are shi ts, i tryed them once, against EDA, after ten minutes of game a Skycarapter squadron destroyed my HQ, so i tryed to build mobile anti aircraft, but NOD dont have them ! only those ****** SAM sites

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Anxozt - - 150 comments

WOW i though the mod is dead
But the unrealisticiction of this mod totaly ******* me off
Unrealistic SPARTANS that slaughter GDI soldiers in two blows meanwhile they shoot at them by pulse rifles, need 10 salvos to kill one
Make spartans strenght in number (THUS NERFING THEM VERY MUCH)
And poor Brotherhood of NOD, no anti aircraft mobile units....
And yes, whYY the hell Spartans cant be mind controled ?...
OP OP OP, I manage to win one map, against them as Yuri, thanks to lot of hills and virusses, 2 sniper shots kills one WTF WTF WTF WTF
Seriusly i thought the mod is dead,

thus nobody was responindg to my comments
Insanity ? Spartans
OPs Singapore
As superweapon for Singapore, IF i could i would add some airstrike/battlecruiser bombardment or instead both of it, a super artilery unit call-on

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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