Remember that old wireframe-graphics arcade game from the '80s called Battlezone? Ever wonder what it would be like if it were top-down and had more than one tank? Well here's my answer: C&C: Battlezone! This total-conversion project, begun in May 2009, is just for single and multiplayer skirmish; there is no campaign to speak of. It's fast intense wireframe simulation combat in the air and on land between ground forces and bases. Skirmish modes include Classic Mode: only units straight out of the arcade game are buildable; Standard Mode: Two tank types, infantry, aircraft, and base defenses are buildable; and Advanced Mode: Infantry can garrison neutral structures across the custom-made maps, and new units are buildable, such as Gunships and APCs. The AI is also a challenge even on easy, making good use of rush and flank attacks. The project also includes ten all-original soundtracks and many specially-crafted maps.

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