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May 1 2017 Anchor

Here we and you can upload everything related to new 3D-models we are working on, to make Commando Assault look better. If you have suggestions with screenshots and scanned concept-arts, or completed W3D models with DDS or TGA textures, you can post them here. Please, make sure that your links are safe for view and download. Nude, explicit, violent, viral, and propaganda types of content are denied, as always. Spamming may result in penalty in your direction, so be careful with that. And also, be polite to others. Have fun from contribution of your works to us!

Our gallery on official website
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Advanced Power Plant (old model from beta 0.6.0)

May 1 2017 Anchor

Got two Harvester designs lined up, curious which one gets preferential treatment.

Mindset behind the designs;
Storage: Between Dawn and Sun, with Ren in between, we can note a progression from a single huge bulbous and arguably fragile tank, past something semi-smooth, semi-armored to basically an armored freight container, so twin compression tanks seems natural.
Cab: originally something that looked fragile and taken from a standard truck, then an armored implementation directly bolted to the chassis and finally something that *looks* armored and is looking notably downward at the ground.
Locomotion: We go from four-wheel drive to 6, increasing the surface area of the wheels, to a walloping 10-wheel 10-drive system arguably load-bearing, to tracks, so an 8x8 twin locomotion, OR a hybrid half-track system seems logical, because you *REALLY* don't want that cargo load to shake around.
Scoop: arguably ambiguous, TibSun is the only title within the Tiberian universe that doesn't have articulated scoops... just a vacuum comb-like thing, so a set of claws(Absent from the second image, I know, WIP) are a must.

Pretty satisfied myself, now for the rest of the team.
Feel free to be critical:

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