Caveman2Cosmos is a CivFanatics community mod that add new features and content to the Civilization 4 experience, with almost daily updates since November 2010. It is the spiritual successor the The Civilization 4 mod Rise of Mankind and its addon A New Dawn, and combined the work of over 100+ modders to create a mod to "rule them all". It is developed by StrategyOnly Productions with its modding team made up of prominent members of CivFanatics.

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1st things 1st, new version 38 will be released soon. Again so many changes since v37.

The later Eras are getting much attention and are fleshing out. (Spoiler: No multi maps this version, sorry.) The Mod Team has spent a lot of time on balance this pre 38 time frame. The Property system for Crime, Disease, Air and Water Pollution, and somewhat for Flammability has been really picking up momentum. All Units, Buildings, and Techs have went thru a Re-Costing project. So that they all scale as the Eras go by.

Game Speeds have been re-worked with the eye towards balance for Each Game Speed's tendencies. The slowest Game Speed Normal is 1000 turns, Epic is 2000, Marathon is 3350 turns, Snail is 5035 turns, Eons is 6550 turns and Eternity is now 8250 turns.

The number of Game set up Options has increased as well. Much more customization given to the player.

Subdued Animals, Barbarians, and the Neanderthal NPCs have their own AI's now, and their own options. There is also a Neanderthal Leader and Civ that can be Human played. But there are still 5 total Non Player AI's, 3 Animal, Barbarian, and Neanderthal Barbarian.

The late game Eras have been revamped as well, and expanded. After Modern Era, you now have Information, Nanotech, Transhuman, Galactic, Cosmos, Transcendent, and Future Eras.

Game play is consistently allowing you to get to these later Era, if you choose to. Or you can go all ballistic and war monger from the get go.

For those more Combat minded there are also new expansions to the Combat Mod Options you can select at mod game set up. Or if you want a more base Civ IV BtS feel don't select them. The choice is always yours.

Leader Traits also give you multiple options on how to use them. From None at all, to Positive only, to a mix of positive and negative,and to an option for leaders to develop their traits as you play (Developing Leaders).

So Much to choose from.

And for the Uber players we are working on making the Mod much more difficult. Such Options as, No Tech Handicap for human player coupled with Tech Diffusion and Win for Losing On (for the AI) allows the AI to learn new techs easier from their neighbors.

I've just touched lightly on some of the areas that have been worked on over the past year plus since v37 official release.

Now finally, why do I only give it a 9? Because it's still a Work In Progress. The Team knows there are still areas to work on to make it even better and Projects are being formed for post v38 release. The team also knows that a mod this complicated and big, even with the dedicated players we have, will still have some "bugs" show up. Finally it is after all a 32 bit single thread engine that runs Civ IV BtS. So there is that limitation to initial game start time and as the game progresses end of turn processing wait time. This is Not a Modern day game that can use Multiple cores. It has a limited amount of memory it can use (~3.5GB). And CPU speed is more important than having 16 gazillion GBs of ram in your comp. A decent but not ultra vid card does help somewhat. But don't forget this is a single core engine that runs this MOD. And all our Graphics work is from volunteers and fellow CFC modders, whom we the team are forever grateful to.

Best Mod Ever! :D

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