Catchmod is an AMXX-Plugin in Counter-Strike 1.6 developed by Pinatz. There are 2 teams, which swap every round.Catcher and Fleer. The Catcher have to touch the fleer to kill them. The Fleer have to run (or bunnyhop) away from the Catchers. Usually this mod is played with autobhop and more than 100 fps to provide immense gameplay speeds. You see in which Team you are when you have a look at the top left or at the color of your mates. White equals Fleer, Yellow equals Catcher. The objective for the Catchers is to get all Fleer. The Fleer will win when the roundtime is over and at least one Player is still alive. Start right now and see the mod in action on our official server : If all player join the Terrorists then a free gameplay mode will start after 2 rounds so people can practice special tricks and combos.

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As some things got lost in Catchmod 3 betas I reimplemented and improved some functionalities and added compatibility to csstats which is used for rankings and toplists. Read more for details!

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One thing you really may have missed in Catchmod since we have semiclip activated is teamplay. The positive thing with the improved semiclip was that you will not even get blocked by other players if you are jumping arround at high speeds. But there were some bad sides with this.

1. The names when you aim to a player would not be displayed.
2. You were not able to boost your teamate to higher positions.

With Catchmod version 4.0 I have fixed those problems. A special thanks here to the active people in the forum that helped me out with some questions.

And now the knife will be equipped without displaying it. So you will see more on your screen without loosing the ability to break enteties :)

And another great news is that Catchmod now is possible to create fakekills that can be catched by the usual CS (amxx) statistical plugins. This means that now the rankings work fine.

To conclude you can now get to some unthinkable places that may not have been possible without boosting with your teamates and the stats on your server will work!

If you can't wait to try out then use this preversion without the serverfiles. (install 3.1.2 and copy the linked file with Catchmod 4.0 to cstrike/addons/amxmodx/plugins/ and be sure to have fangen_noknifes 0 set.

In 4.1 some cvar-changes are planned and I will try to fix the problems that maybe you will have. So stay tuned.

Have fun! :)

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