Casus Belli is a realistic multiplayer mod for Crysis Wars that is inspired from the Battlefield 2 game. It takes place the context of a third world war. You embody a soldier in many different surroundings, from the Afghan deserts to Ukrainian cities. Although Casus Belli is a First Person Shooter game, it involves some Role Playing games concept that make it unique. A new background: - More than 250 new assets (buildings, vehicles, objects, etc.) - Tens of new maps - Music composed by a professional composer and played by a true professional orchestra Half-way between Battlefield and Modern Warfare 2: - Crysis nanosuit removed - Advance and Secure game mode - Classes (assault, medic, recon, sniper etc.) - Squads (spawn on the group leader) Modern Weapons: - More than 20 new modern weapons (ak74, m4, hk416, g36c, etc.) - 8 new vehicles (Abrams, T90, Hummer, etc.) Total Immersion: - Advanced body awareness - Objects can be used to stabilize weapons

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if you guys want a more tactical and realistic MP FPS experience than BF3, you must try this mod. Its free thanks to the Crysis wars trial patched to 1.5

Weapon management and player movements are extremely believable.
Bullets are more lethal and you feel the weight of your character.

Only minor issue of the game is vehicule physics. It can be funny but frustrating to waste a vehicule :o

Maps design is very inspired for both visuals and gameplay interests.

Teamplay is suggested with the aura thing that share special abilities between squad members.

No Xp and level, you'll be equal at the begining of any game.

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THIS MOD IS AWESOME! And I should know, I meen I am an Intelligent and witty Brit

Apr 24 2012 by bananaman954