You are Bob Dewey, Black Mesa janitor. You arrive at the research facility for another day at work: cleaning up the mess those smart ass scientists leave behind, refilling the soapboxes in the toilets, listening to Barney's stupid jokes and reading Penthouse Magazine. It's not the most exciting job in the world, but it pays good and you get lot's off free donuts. As usual, those scientists create black holes and open gates to other alien worlds filled with creatures who eat human flesh for lunch. Nothing special, but this time, they really messed it up and those aliens found a way to our planet. And guess what, you are in the middle of all this. While Gorden Freeman kicks alien arse, Corporal Adrian Shephard fights Freeman and Barney Calhoun tries to save some scientists, you just try to save you own butt and get the hell out of Black Mesa. It's a bigger mess you have to clean up this time...

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The effort put into this mod is obvious, yet the way it feels is not the best. In general, the mod feels quite dark and has a narrow offer of action, lacks specific weapons and so on. But as I said the work is clear - we should consider the way it's made the author's appetite. I consider this a middle-class Half-Life mod.

I will love to give this mod a 7, is fair and good mod to.

The story make the main character is a Worker instead of Scientist, HECU or Security Guard. Some parts are fun, but the ending might be a bit of... lose?

However, this mod is fair.

I usually love mods that look different to the rest, and this one delivers highly on the detail, each place looks like it was polished to some degree that looks somewhat different from the last, even though most of those places are corridors.
Enemy placement is the main problem, it just doesn’t seem to be much thought or difficulty in it.
Its what makes this mod lower on the scale for me, is that it doesn’t challenge the player. Every encounter seems to be very tame, either one or two headcrabs or Islaves or a small squad of grunts which your always stocked to the teeth with to take on.
You have that crossbow since early on and then grenades, which I didn’t need to use because of all the AR grenades we got piled with mid way in.
And you’ve always got enough health and energy.
It doesn’t have any big battles except one comes close where you take on about 6-7 grunts, but I didn’t have much trouble. The trip the Xen was very short but I sort of liked it, and was far better than any of other mods that attempted it so far.
The upside down angle was also a nice short sequence that I personally don’t like nor think it makes any sense, but I’m sure some might appreciate its novelty.
The color scheme isn’t exactly great either, its rusty canal/water station (which I’ve never liked), a small sewer sequence, and then grey corridors of a storage area and a lighter grey lab areas.

It has no story or scripted sequences but most mods are like that :P
You get a vague notion of being a janitor from the text file, and a texture pack you can get reinforces that, but its just a novelty.
It has no secret places but once again most mods are like that, in fact Half-Life mostly didn’t have much of that unfortunately.

It also has a sort of anti-climatic ending where you reach the surface (again?) but this time ambushed and die by, well an amount of grunts you’ve easily taken on in the passed and are fully equipped to deal with :(



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A very pretty good mod for 2004, during the golden age of Half-Life mods. The person you play as is an Janitor which is similar to the old old construction NPC's.

Unlike Cleaner's Adventures, Here you have weapons from the start and the battle to escape is somewhat easier but this mod's swan song is it's ending.


At first I tought that it was only gonna be like 20min of shooting aliens and soldiers but the more it went on, the more this mod surprised me. You really had some great ideas. While it only last 2h it was a great experience. Just a backstory would have been great too


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A kickass mod. Nearly every room and corridor looks great, the fighting is balanced pretty nicely, and it's of considerable length. The only gripes I have are the lack of autosaves (if you die, you start at the beginning of the map. Particularly annoying when it's a long map with lots of fighting), and a good story. The latter point being one of the mods only downsides. There was never any real objective, other than to keep going.


Great mod.

It was a good mod, with a very poor ending. I usually give all mods that are decent a perfect 10. This however, although good and worth a play through, is not quite perfect.

Boxes, boxes, boxes... Half Life and all other mods I have played you know which boxes or crates can be destroyed from the first few you encounter. In Case Closed you do not. It is literally a trial and error as you whack each box in hopes it will break. You can see side by side the exact same box, but only one will break. Being a connoisseur of breaking things, I found this really annoying.

The weapons when dropped by enemies next to walls and objects will drop very slowly to the ground. Once there they can usually be picked up, but it should not drop like that. I have even seen it drop completely out of sight and the player can not pick it up.

But my main gripe is the ending or lack there of. I am not sure if it was done on purpose or by accident, but the ending sucks. There are no buts about it and that is why I gave it the score that I did among a few other hang ups. Had the ending been better I would of recommended it more.

I wish there was a half a point system for this rating, but there is not, so I have to rate it a 7 instead of a 7.5 An honest effort but a very lack luster ending, if it can even be called that. I understand he was a lowly janitor in a top secret high tech science complex, but we as the player deserved better.


Although this mod has a very crude intro and outro, I seemed to enjoy it. Some new objects and graphics were definitely a positive spot.

I also noticed that this mod has a completely stolen training level from Cleaner's Adventures mod. That's why my rating for this mod is lower than it could be.

I enjoyed pretty much the feature with things turning upside down after a certain moment. This was definitely new and added a lot to the mod impressions. Also, an idea of a Black Mesa room partially teleported to Xen is awesome as well.

Overall difficulty of the mod seemed weak because of almost every crate containing ammo. This is not realistic, to say the least.

Excellent. Like this very much.

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