Carriers is a multiplayer Half-Life 2 mod being created by the Shellshock Gaming development team. It's based around a modern-day zombie apocalypse, where players must work together to survive. But now the luck of the carriers has run out, and their immune systems are failing.

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Screenshots! Zombie Love! It's all in this exciting issue of CARRIERS!

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Unlike the zombies, we're alive and kicking! In this exciting, but brief, update, we have Screenshots, along with a short story, entitled ZOMBIE LOVE.

First, the story:

Shellshock wrote: John lived just outside the city. He had a wife, two kids, and he was safe. The good life. The other survivors were but a joke to him. Surely if he could get to safe ground, they could too. Pathetic.

"John, we're low on supplies.", his wife, Jennifer, called out. Great. Again, he'd have to tread on the thin ice that was the city, to provide his family with shelter and food. John grabbed his boots and shotgun, and began to head out.

Once inside the city, John readied his shotgun. He knew they were out there somewhere, but the coast seemed clear. John chuckled to himself. The city was clear for now. Whoever was here last wiped 'em out pretty nicely. He headed forward to the nearest store. Unsure of what to expect, he peeked into the store. Empty. Odd, he thought. Usually there's a few survivors in here, trying to sell their stuff to him. John picked up his food and ran. He didn't know what it was, but something about the emptiness of the town got to him, made him uneasy. So he sprinted, running as fast as he could back to his family.

Once he was out of the city, John walked into his home. The kids were watching old tapes of TV shows.
He dropped the food into the kitchen, and went upstairs.
"Honey?", he called out. No response. He walked into the bedroom. His wife was seemingly nowhere to be seen, and there were two zombies huddled around on the floor, over... Jennifer? John screamed and readied his gun. These zombie bastards were going to pay. He emptied his ammo into the zombies, and crouched down. He looked into his wife's lifeless eyes. What had they done?

Before he even had time to mourn, his wife moved. Could she really be alive? He watched, hopeful that she was unharmed. She began to get up, slowly but surely. John couldn't believe what he was seeing! His wife was... decaying? She began to moan. Those bastards must have infected her! John readied his gun again. "Sorry 'bout this...", he gulped. Jennifer grabbed the gun, throwing it on the ground. She didn't seem aggressive. John smiled. Despite the infection, she seemed completely normal. Jennifer opened her mouth. "I'm... okay..." she gasped.

John lived just outside the city. He had two kids, and a zombie wife. The good life.

This story is 100% non-canon (and rushed and awful), you probably won't be finding friendly zombies anywhere in Carriers.

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