Carnivores Reloaded is an attempt at remaking the very first Carnivores game using the Carnivores 2 engine. It includes extended Carnivores 1 maps, some new menus, a couple of special maps and little bonuses that are awarded to those who take the time to playthrough the game. Current version uses a custom version of Rexhunter99's 3.1.5 patch. Credits: Main Modder- Me (glitchhunter09 aka Glisp) Menus - Poharex Maps - glitchhunter09 and Poharex Special Thanks - JenDOS_RUS for his various 3DF object donations, Machf for adding animation swapping support to his editor and just making the editor in general, Rexhunter99 for making his patch, Various other Forum members I may have forgotten (Sorry), and you for taking the time to download.

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A list of features in Carnivores Reloaded. Please be sure to read them all.

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-Original C1 maps converted to Carnivores 2 format. Eventually all of them will be extended. - Mostly completed. Shmu Hadron is getting redone though to be less halfassed. The tomb will still be there though.
-Dinosaur Target zones return. Even the Spinosaurus and Ceratosaurus, who are in as extras since the number of animals would be a lot smaller otherwise. - Spino and Ceratosaurus have been repleased with Dilophosaurus and Carnotaurus respectively. Their assets are still in the game data though.
-New menus based upon the original C1 menus. These new menu images were made by Poharex.
-Old C1 Shotgun returns.
-C2 Ambient animals included for extra variety.
-Pseudo ranking system. The following points are equivalent to the following rank and are reflected by your score and the dinosaurs, weapons, and maps' prices on the menus. (eventually, the actual ranking system from C1 will be put back in by Rexhunter99 hopefully.)
-Ranks go like this: Novice = 0 points, Intermediate = 100 points, Advanced = 300 points, Expert = 500 points.
-Special weapon awarded to the player if they reach 2000 points. The Magnum by Rexhunter99 with a base power increase to 30.
-Two awesome maps added as bonuses: Great Lake of the Future which costs 1000 points and Mount Hell Version 3 (??????? on the menu) Which costs 2000 points. - Both of these maps are getting replaced. Mount Hell Version 3 will be replaced by Volcanis. As for Great Lake of the Future, it will be replaced by something Poharex is currently trying to figure out.
-Chasmosaurus replaced by C1 Triceratops.
-Pachycephealosaurus and Triceratops calls put in the game.
-Carnivores 1 skins have been fixed to prevent transparency issues in Direct 3D and Open GL modes.
-Spinosaurus's notorious skin transparency issues have also been fixed as well.
-Some music for the Main Menu.
-C1 Trophy room converted to C2 format with hidden things that can only be seen with debug.
-uses Rexhunter99's windows 7 patch.

Update 5/1/2016

In addition to some of the things I updated above the following are currently being worked on:

-Final animal beyond the T-Rex, Seismosaurus, the beast of Carnivores myth.

-New uber weapon for players that have got 10k points or higher: The legendary Rocket Launcher of Carnivores myth. C2 Rifle has been removed to make room as it was redundant to have it and Carnivores 1 Shotgun.

-AI tweaks to the Carno and pachy.

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