A subtle "Special Edition" or "vanilla plus" version that adds bug fixes, replay value, extra functionality, content and atmosphere to the game, all while retaining that overall vanilla feeling, rather than the feeling of a vanilla game with various mini-mods tacked on as an afterthought.

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A brief description of the various tweaks, additions and reversions included in the Options Pack for Call of Pripyat: Special Edition v0.9.3.

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The Options Pack for Call of Pripyat: Special Edition v0.9.3 is available to download and contains various tweaks, additions and reversions suggested or requested by the community. All changes have been tested both with and without AtmosFear 3 and with a new game start. Most options are compatible straight away with one another. However, there are one or two exceptions. When this is the case, you will find an additional folder within the option's folder that can simply be used instead, allowing you to still use both changes at the same time. Most options are also compatible with AtmosFear 3. However, when this is not the case, you will again find the option's folder contains two folders, this time clearly labeled with (Vanilla) and (AtmosFear) in their titles. All you have to do then is choose whichever is applicable to your install. Options that are not needed with AtmosFear, like the Vanilla Weather option, are labeled with (Not for AtmosFear) in their titles. Most of the options are also compatible with the Russian patch. Those that aren't are clearly marked with (ENG) in their titles.


Special Edition + AtmosFear 3Fully degraded optional hud and new weapon texture

1. AtmosFear 3 Patch

This is a proper hand-merged patch for AtmosFear 3 by Cromm Cruac and no longer requires the use of Smart Mod Manager. The order for installation is: Call of Pripyat: Special Edition v0.9 > AtmosFear 3 > AtmosFear 3 Patch > Changes you want to use from the Options Pack.

2. Special Edition Texture Pack

An awesome texture pack by Wh17E_3aG13, created especially for Call of Pripyat: Special Edition. The textures and bump maps cover all guns, grenades, bolts, binoculars, player hands and arms. They are not anything over the top, but are different enough to be a refreshing change for players.

3. Dynamically Degrading HUD

This feature is intended for those who would like the added visual feedback of wearing a dynamically degrading hud but without a restricted field of view. Your computer monitor itself is now the hud, so it will get more holes and cracks in it as your helmet's condition degrades. This was not included in Special Edition because the hud overlay remains displayed during cutscenes and does not work with the all-in-one body armors.

4. FOV 75

This gives the game a wider field of view. The file it alters is located in the "bin" folder of vanilla Call of Pripyat's install rather than in the "gamedata" folder. However, as with all the other options, you still simply have to copy / paste the option into "Program Files/bitComposer Games/S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Call of Pripyat/".

5. Re-Animation Project 2 Patch

A slightly updated patch for KingFriday's excellent weapon's animation mod. The original patch included in the final release by KingFriday still works fine.


ss ali 04 18 16 23 56 50 jupiteAlternative Nimble Trading from Options Pack

1. Alternative Nimble Trading

This feature makes Nimble function more like the other traders in the game. Rather than having to wait for him to get hold of the item and not knowing exactly what it is you have ordered, you now open up the trade window through the dialogue menu and select the item you want to purchase. The SEVA suit will only appear in his inventory once you have spoken to Nitro about the Underground, and will be gone from his inventory once you return from Pripyat. Changes have also been made to the dialogue and sound files in order to remove any mention of "ordering". And it is possible to eventually receive a slight discount from him if you have not sided against Beard.

2. Dynamic Game Relations

This feature increases a faction's attitude towards the player by 25 when you heal a faction member. This was not included in Special Edition because you could potentially end up with both Duty and Freedom as friendly factions.

3. Increased Carry Weight

This increases your normal carry weight limit to 75kg. Once the weight carried reaches more than this value, you will lose stamina fast. When the carry weight reaches 85kg you will no longer be able to move.

4. Less Forgiving Trade Values

This feature reverts back to the older, less forgiving trade prices found in Call of Pripyat: Special Edition v0.8.

5. Louder Combat Music

This feature reverts back to the louder combat music found in Call of Pripyat: Special Edition v0.8.

6. Lootable Armor

This feature means there is a 25 percent chance that the armor worn by some NPCs will be available to loot from their corpses. There is a 15 percent chance that the armor's condition will be between 50 and 80 percent, and the rest of the time between 10 and 50 percent. This was not included in Special Edition due to gameplay balancing. Characters have always "levelled-up" in vanilla S.T.A.L.K.E.R. through gaining access to newer armor, guns and artifacts. Making them so easily obtainable through looting creates a big impact on the feeling of player progression you would normally get during a playthrough.

7. Millionaire Replacement

This feature replaces the Millionaire achievement with the Capitalist achievement, basically halving the amount of money needed to earn it (500,000 rubles rather than a million.). It also lowers the price of the Millionaire's package from 700,000 rubles to only 300,000.

8. Add Radiated Water

This makes all the puddles and ponds in the game highly radiated. This was not included in Special Edition because Zaton contains a lot of wet areas and the high radiation of each puddle/pond may annoy some players.

9. Random Anomalies

This places random anomalies throughout all three maps, much in the same way as the original STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl. Makes the maps a lot more interesting, harder to survive, and it is a lot of fun luring mutants to their death.

10. Add Random Stash Loot

This feature randomises stash content so that weapons are located in different stashes on each playthrough. It also provides a summarised contents list for when you hover your pointer over a stash icon in the PDA's map. This was not included in Special Edition because stash items are moved slightly and this can sometimes cause items to be taken by NPCs or fall through objects.

11. Russian Audio

This removes English spoken words and replaces it with the original Russian language. The improved sounds (radio static during blowout announcements, megaphone effects, and so on.) that are found in the Russian patch are also included in this option.


ss ali 03 08 16 19 54 49 jupitess ali 01 12 16 19 00 02 jupite

1. No Aiming Sway

This removes the subtle sway effect that happens while you look down the ironsights of a gun and brings it back to the static vanilla position.

2. Non-Radiated Food

This removes radiation from almost all food items. The idea that none of your food in the Zone contains radiation always seemed wrong to me. This was corrected in Special Edition, and having to drink some vodka after every meal seems like a natural thing to do and fits the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. world perfectly.

3. Remove Piano Chords

This option allows you to either replace the new ambient piano chords with new crow sounds or removes them completely.

4. Vanilla Artifact Weights

This restores the vanilla weights for all artifacts, and lowers the weight of synthetic artifacts proportionately. Artifacts in Special Edition are a lot heavier than in vanilla. This is done so artifact expeditions cannot last forever and need more planning. This also makes the unique artifacts (Compass, Oasis) a lot more appealing to keep. Their exact weight is dependent on their rank, and those that increase your carry weight weigh nothing.

5. Vanilla Combat Music

This option removes the new 80s horror / sci-fi style dynamic combat music tracks and brings back the vanilla rock tracks.

6. Vanilla Draw Distance

This removes the longer draw distances (vanilla x3) you get in Special Edition and returns them back to vanilla values. Useful if you have a lower-end PC and are experiencing performance issues (although, I have found the impact on FPS is minimal.). There is also a vanilla x2 option for those who want a middle ground.

7. Vanilla Inventory Grids

This restores the inventory and trading grids back to the larger vanilla ones. The reason Special Edition uses smaller inventory grids is to minimise the need for scrolling and allow you to view more of your carried items at once.

8. Vanilla Limping State

This brings back the original values for how long the player suffers before he recovers from damage and stamina loss, and from how high he can fall before receiving damage.

9. Vanilla Weather

This returns the weather balance back to vanilla values. With this option, there will generally be less rain and thunder, and more sunshine and clouds.

10. Less Mutant Packs

This reduces the number of mutants back to vanilla. Mutant packs like dogs and boars are smaller and bloodsuckers and chimeras will no longer hunt in packs at all. There is also a "Slightly Less Mutant Packs" option included for those who would like some middle-ground.

Call of Pripyat: Special Edition v0.9.3:

Call of Pripyat: Special Edition (v0.9)

Options Pack for Call of Pripyat: Special Edition v0.9.3:

Options Pack (CoP: Special Edition v0.9)


Wh17E_3aG13 (Special Edition Texture Pack), TKGP (Dynamic Game Relations), Spartan, AMK team, Setakat, GSC and forum (Dynamic HUD), Hi-ban, Notanumber (Lootable Armor), Swartzy (Radiated Water), Shredder, OGSE (Random Stash Loot), r_populik (FOV from OGS), SeeZ0 (Random Anomalies)


Thanks man!

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Khimicheskiy_Ali Author

You're welcome :)

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Is the imported food radiated or not?

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Khimicheskiy_Ali Author

Food is radiated in the base mod, but the Non-Radiated Food option in the Options Pack will remove the radiation. In the description, I was just trying to explain why I chose to have the food radiated in the base mod. Reading it again, it does sound a little unclear. Sorry about that.

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I get that mutant meat is radiated but imported food even in misery is not radiated. I guess i have to install CoP again as im playing Misery right now so i can try this mod out

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Thanks. Haven't noticed too much of a difference with this one...Call of Pripyat: Special Edition v0.9.3. yet so, I'm adding this one here to it.

How do I use that 'Item Spawn' thing? Or, will I actually need it after installing the Options Pack?

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Khimicheskiy_Ali Author

Hi HunterKiller1! The spawn menu is part of the base mod so you don't need to install any of the Options Pack to use it. To use the spawn menu, all you have to do is go into the in-game options screen (by pressing ESC during gameplay.). There you should find the "spawn menu" option alongside the regular "exit game", "load game", and "save game" options.

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Khimicheskiy_Ali Author

Yes, the changes and additions made to Special Edition are very subtle and not as in-your-face as in some mods, but there are literally hundreds of changes made to the game. The subtlety was the main idea behind the mod. I wasn't trying to create a new experience, only enhance the existing one and make it a valid vanilla replacement. Even though most of the changes are very subtle, there is plenty of new content. New characters, improved AI, traders, quests, increased dialogue choices, random reward system, new and reworked achievements, guns, armor, grenades, drugs, PDAs, books, artifacts, original music, new and more varied textures,bug fixes and a lot more things that I have not listed. Basically I've tried to improve and add to as many aspects of the game as I could, but not just for the sake of making it different.

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Love it man.

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WOW. The friggin options... just... I think this is the mod I was looking for, "Ask and ye shall receive." Amen.
Only one question. Can I use "Simple Tunes" CoP add-on with this?

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Also, in the "Additions Options" folder there are vanilla and Atmos versions of "Increase Carry Weight" but also Atmos and vanilla versions within a folder labeled "Weight and Limping state" why are they separate? Doesen't the 'carry' option address the weight and limping states? What are the differences of them? Which one makes a harder gameplay? Do I need to use the vanilla of one with the vanilla of the other and vise versa with the Atmos versions?

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Here I go with my unintended wall of comments...
...so I ran in to a CTD and narrowed it down to the "Re-Ainmatiion Project Patch"


[error]Expression : wave&&wave;->length()
[error]Function : CSoundRender_Source::LoadWave
[error]File : D:\prog_repository\sources\trunk\xrSound\SoundRender_Source_loader.cpp
[error]Line : 65
[error]Description : Can't open wave file:
[error]Arguments : c:\gog games\s.t.a.l.k.e.r. call of pripyat\gamedata\sounds\weapons\auto\abakan\abakan_shoot1.ogg

stack trace:

I just noticed it's a patch, as in only use if I have the corresponding add-on?

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So, I just spent 7+ hours trying to get this mod running and right now the problem is the main menu and inventory in-game menu text/graphics are all out of wack. Kind of a game braking bug for me. I did EVERYTHING per your instructions.
I also got 2 messages at the end of the vanilla Stalker CoP install about "unable to execute directx June 2010 redist" and the other "unable to execute DIRECTX setup.exe" but I don't think it's a problem because it only started after the second time I installed Stalker CoP, I'm assuming the first time it installed Direct X but wasn't uninstalled along with the game so the second time it was unable to install because it was already there(?), but my knowledge on this stuff is very limited. Plus I just checked and I have "2010 Redis... x64" and "...x86" and just to be sure I DL'ed it before I typed this comment and the problem is still there.
After uninstalling and reinstalling and after smaller and smaller variables I've come to the problem... it's in the "Texture Detail" setting. In the 'bar' there are 5 settings/notches to set on, the marker can be on the last (far right) and on the fourth but when it sets on the third or lower is when it goes to poop. This is a problem because My Precious, I love it to death, is a POS. I tried playing but I really do need information that is missing. Is there anything I can do to remedy this?

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