Call of Duty: 1914 is a total conversion of CoD2 set in World War 1. Delve into the first modern conflict with the trenches of the First World War. Play as the forces of the British Commonwealth, French Republic, Russian Empire and the American Expeditionary Force against the forces of the German Empire, Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire.

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Just read it, damnit! Well I have to complete the summary field, so: Here i will post my current progress so all the group can see it in a more organized way, since not all checked the iages section apparently, and since that didn't work as I thought, I decided to post this article. It has many images so maybe it takes some time to load. Here i will also show you my plans and some little personal thoughts on the mod. Hope you enjoy it, and if not just read it to be informed.

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(this article has many pics)

Hello guys! It's me Melfius1 (oh really?), and I just wanted to show my progress in a more organized way, but also to show some of my personal thoughts, and my plans.

First of all, I'm trying to make new uniforms for all countries, but I don't know which countries will be added exactly, so a list would be nice.

I have started working on the german uniforms, the officer uniform is nearly finished, but I stopped working on it to make others.

I've also done this german M15 Mantel texture, a few days ago, it only needs minor detail adjustement, like button placing and re-texturing that ugly gasmask canister. There you can also see two backpack models a friend made, and agreed to lend us along many other cool things. The pickelhaube was also done by my friend but the texture seen here was done as a test by me.

So this would be my "concept" for the german greatcoat soldier, I have never tried altering a cod2 model, but i will try to give it the new helmet an one of the backpacks, I hope I succeed.

EDIT: Already done and ingame, kindly ported by MCh2207Cz, just missing new texture:

Sin ttulo 8shot0277

I haven't tried to make the normal german jacket yet, because look at the raw german model from cod2:

test6 1

The main problem (for me atleast) are the: open collar and the notorious pockets, I could give it a try, but I think a better option would be adding the infantry equipment and pants to the officer uniform (wiht closed collar), but this is just a loose idea with no tests done, which could be evaluated in the future when I get to actually modifying the uniform models with other items, which I don't plan to do until I finnish working on all textures for all uniforms.

Then, i have also worked on russian uniforms, I've finished the greatcoat and the normal jacket is nearly done, here are some pics (some may be older than others), I sitll have to make it greener (btw normal russian uniform could be easily used to make italian ww1 uniform too):

WW1 Russian Greatcoat texture (everything has historically accurate details, like for example the belt buckle):

WW1 Russian winter uniform concept, with the greatcoat seen above, the cap my friend made (which i will retexture to fit the uniform), and an image of a replica "papakha" (russian ww1 winter hats), which doesn't have a 3d model currently, so I would be very thankful if anyone can find or make a model of one, either with texture or without.

Next thing I will work on is the uniform for the russian officer:

Sin ttulo 1 8

And just to remember you guys (or for some reason someone didn't see it), that my friend thankfully lended us, I will show some pics, but you can see all on image section, I have to upload them yet so you can start porting them:

Sin ttulo 4 14Sin ttulo 4 7Sin ttulo 4 10

Well, I hope all this can help to keep the mod progress in "movement", so don't stop guys

I will also contact Mayticks to see if he can lend us his ww2 french uniform (so I convert it to ww1 version) and maybe some others.

But I also wanted to note that not everyone is following this:

or atleast not to a full extent, but in fact im the only one who commented the article, so :/

This has to be reflected on, to make the team work as it should, but also knowing that some talented people are willing to help are great news. This mod has future, but nothing can be archieved if we dont work as a team, and if not everyone puts his full effort on it.

Well that's all, I hope you enjoyed the article.


EDIT/UPDATE: The modder MCh2207Cz kindly ported the german uniform I showed here, here are some pics of tests done without the greatcoat texture, but with pickelhaube and backpack! Many thanks to him for his work and attention, we are really grateful!:





Impressive work !

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Melfius1 Author

Thanks from all the team!

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awasome work

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