-- No Guns, No DOOM. This time it's MODERN WAR. -- This MOD adds 70 Call of Duty Style Guns to your "Brutal DOOM" and "Project Brutality".

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The wad files are gone and you cannot play this anymore. What a waste of time trying to figure this out. This mod is NO LONGER RELEASED AND I CANNOT PLAY IT.

Alright, I'll try to be as constructive as I can in this review...
While the use of CoD guns in Doom was a nice touch, its hardly original, and for someone like me the utter lack of accuracy is a huge turn off. 100rd drums on a PPSH41, explosive bullets for a M1919 Browning, MP412 Rex loading .410 shotgun shells, ridiculous amounts of pellets in the same, I could go on, but it'd be beating a dead horse.
HOWEVER, your system for implementing items like claymores, the flamethrower, and hell, even the sat phone to summon squaddies, was rather good, and the class system was a good start, but I feel that it should have an option to restrict yourself to WWII weapons, modern weapons, or the mix that currently exists, I understand that you are on Mars in the future, and all the weapons could feasibly exist in that environment, but I would still like the option to limit myself to one era or another.
I must say, though, at the end of it all, making this mod play nice with Project Brutality will have me tearing it apart to try to implement the changes I want, rather than deleting it.


I love it!


nice mod, include a lot of cool stuff.

IT is pretty amazing that I can run around with a m1911, trench-gun and a flamethrower while Irisu from Material Sniper blows up imps with her rifle.

I enjoy my experience, and think many people would too

I was expecting a pretty corny Brutal Doom addon with an excessive amounts of weapons for no reason and being more OP than I can imagine. Well the being OP part is true, if on lower difficulties, so it might be better to crank up the difficulty unless you like being OP, which is fine. Anyways, you have a limit to how many weapons you can carry so at least you won't be going through a switch limbo with weapons, although if you want a new one you'll have to drop a weapon from its current slot to get said new weapon. That aside, the mod is actually pretty fun and solid, and the guns themselves don't follow realism which makes it all the more better. The animations are ripped straight from the Call of Duty games but I don't really mind that and it isn't much of a negative. With many weapons and equipment ranging from all eras of Call of Duty and various classes to consider,there's a lot of fun to be had here. Make sure to grab a copy of Brutal Doom R5 or Project Brutality, you'll be finding the enemies from those mods!

Let me tell you some points :
-You made well all modern call of duty weapons, you have a big respect from me (in my side, I do 3D rip but with doom or duke hands) and you even able to remake the same fire rate and reloads, so I say BRAVO for that!
-I don't mind of having DOOM girls or other heroes to kick some demons *****, just I say, why not, the moment you mastering the art of pixels for making sprites then the combo is good!
-But there's something what I think it's pointless, do it was necessary to play with Brutal DOOM? You can do something related like Real Guns which enemies are varied, I know it sounds like I'm into standard but like you want to add more experience for brutal doom, I consider it as a good addon for BRUTAL DOOM!

My suggestion : know call of duty zombies? I challenge you to remake Call of Duty Zombies weapons!

I really enjoyed this mod, you diserved well and keep going on your work!


While I can say this is a great mod in terms of weapon mods (and its still being worked), there does seem to be a few set backs in it that cause me to dislike it.

-the character arms as well as the guns are not rendered fully in the mod making them looking fuzzy( like a jpg photo slapped on a powerpoint).

-hud is basic, not really much to write home about but simple to understand

-lag, as far as this mod is meant for Brutal Doom and Project Brutality, Call of Doom doesn't play nice with this mod giving performance drops (low fps)when firing certain weaponry.

Why you did it to Fritzkrieg? He did nothing wrong, but you just freaking killed him... Justice is coming!


thexalbcar says

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Recommended Doom mod in my opinion; Weapons in general.

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Call of Doom is the best implementation of Real Guns' Call of Duty weapons in Doom yet.  This mod elevates itself above the Real Guns series of mods and its derivatives for a number of reasons: Firstly, the mod does not shy away from using arbitrary and unrealistic weapon stats and behavior (e.g. a TMP that fires PDW rounds instead of 9x19mm) in order to achieve great weapon variety and balance. Real Guns and many other tactical-style Doom mods get caught in the trap of sticking too closely to…

Jun 8 2017 by VicRattlehead