Call in. A single player mod which plays out at the same time as Gordon and Alyx flees the citadel in Ep1. You take the role of a rebel soldier on a mission to retrieve information regarding the super portal to aid in the building of Dr. Magnussons rocket.

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That was an utterly enjoyable ride. It reminded me of the genius "Minerva: Metastasis" mod with the amazing mapping and pleasing visuals. The hunter clash was quite challenging, since I had half of health the moment the fight started. All in all the mod left a very good impression, and I am totally looking forward for the future projects!

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beautiful textures-
great level design-
nice mix of puzzle & run-n-shoot-
touches on all aspects of HL2 gameplay-
no disappointments, definitely a very fun mod.
look forward to CI2

Feb 12 2011 by Re|3uilt