Recreation of the Black & White 2 campaign by adding new features (including a skirmish mode), changed balance and an improved AI.

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Additions and changelog for the new version of Black & White 2: Redux.

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Hello everyone,

Hope you all are doing well since I made a major update on this mod. Since then, I've made lots of changes to the game. I reworked platoons (melee and ranged), created a Spanish translation with the help of Kelrok and fixed lots of bugs (I didn't document every bug in the change log to be honest).

Version 1.6 has been released! Find the download links below:

English Version

Black & White 2: Redux Version 1.6 [ENG]

German Version

Black & White 2: Redux Version 1.6 [GER]

Spanish Version

Black & White 2: Redux Version 1.6 [ESP]

Spanish Translation

This for sure took the most time creating and still isn't finished to 100%. However I finally got it into a playable state. Most of the stuff up to the last land and every new feature is translated but some work is still left to do which won't make it into the 1.6 release:

  • Every dialogue which is originally used in BW1 (Missionary quest, Kidnapper quest and so on)
  • Dialogues from BOTG. These will remain in English since BOTG wasn't released with Spanish language support.

Rework of Platoons

Platoons received a massive rework. Now you have the possibility to create sub-types of the original platoons like a fast melee platoon which is especially good against archers but not as good against melee.


In addition to the rework of the platoons the player can now summon undead platoons. In order to do that he needs to be at least 75% evil. As soon as he gathered enough evil points, a flag will appear above the graveyard for undead recruitment.


In the end here is the full change log for the next patch. You can also find the change log in the forum:


  • Platoon Types have been added to add some diversity to troops
    • 'Charger': A fast melee platoon which can flank enemy troops and chase archers and catapults easily. However, these are weaker in combat
    • 'Heavy Platoon': A slow melee platoon which has more defense and a bit less attack damage
    • 'Shooters': A ranged platoon which has the ability to shoot arrows over a much larger range. But they are less precise and much slower in combat
    • Besides there are the normal platoons where balance is tweaked and in-battle-navigation has been improved
  • Added possibility for evil players to recruit undead platoons with the graveyard
  • Added Spanish language support to the mod. Some minor text hasn't been translated yet and some characters could be displayed incorrectly
  • Added more dynamic music to the skirmish maps, land 7, land 10 and land 13. Also changed which music is played in the opening stages of the final land


  • Changed maximum mana to 60.000
  • Re-balanced meteoroid wonder and changed its mana costs to 60.000
  • Changed how the enemy AI will react to evil gods in the last land
  • Increased siege weapons max fire distance
  • Decreased siege weapons area of effect damage
  • Siege weapons cost more ore and wood
  • Added a dynamic difficulty for campaigns. The longer a player is on an island the easier it gets. This has less impact on harder difficulties
  • God forcing can now be used below 1.000 mana
  • Evil and good gods now generate mana like a neutral god
  • Set default difficulty to easy


  • Fixed a bug where evil gods got too many good alignment points
  • Improved how the game restores the player creature if it got lost before (For example if the save game is partially broken)
  • Fixed a bug where flags would get mixed up sometimes (Melee platoon with ranged platoon flag or migration with army flag and so on)
  • Fixed some scripting issues regarding the last land (Enemy using volcano even though it doesn't own it/using it inside your influence and some other issues)
  • Increased time between adviser remindments
  • Fixed enemy building hurricane sometimes in the second Aztec land


  • Changed how much alignment you get after winning a land. After each land you and your creature get or lose 5% alignment
  • Removed last 100 soldiers from being purchasable (new profile is required for this)
  • Changed the description text of hand forcing in the tribute menu to mention mana consumption
  • Changed land 4 lost sheep quest to trigger a bit later
  • Building Hovels, Houses and villas no longer has an influence on alignment
  • Building armories also no longer has an influence on alignment, attacking however a bit more
  • Lots of other minor bug fixes

Great job thanks a lot.

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Wait what? Diversity of the army in B&W 2?
I was expecting bug fixes and new maps for the battle with the gods but you surprised me
Thank you for update

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Hello Boxhead 78, first of all thank you so much for your work, but I would like to propose an improvement that in my opinion will make the game more complete, why don't you add the new buildings of Battle of the Gods ??

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Boxhead78 Author

Hi there, buildings are hardcoded for the most part which is why I can't add new buildings easily without replacing existing ones.
Maybe I could add them in the future but they aren't really at the top of my priority list at the moment.

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