Win a round and upgrade your Bot! Maps, Models and Weapons The Weapon models in this game are kept very simple, much like the rest of the game. Depending on which bot you choose, you will receive an assortment of grenades, lasers, and rocket-type weaponry. The bots are very balanced and easy to get accustomed to. Unlike many mods, you can sit down and play BuzzyBots effectively as soon as you download the game. There really is no learning curve at all. My only complaint after playing for a few hours last night is that it is difficult to tell some bots apart. Sending a Scout against a Heavy bot generally leads to an untimely demise for the Scout... To add one more element to the fray, the designers put in a 3rd party of robots known as the "Skrunks". These mean bots just roam the level causing mischief whenever possible. The Skrunks' attacks range from levitating you into the air to zapping you with an electric bolt. Although not terribly dangerous, the Skrunks definitely...

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Surviving Next-Gen Modding

Surviving Next-Gen Modding

Feature 54 comments

Next-gen games are coming. As gamers, they mean glorious high-definition graphics. But as modders, they mean enormous increases to workload and time...

Mods of 2002

Mods of 2002

Feature 41 comments

With 2002 now behind us, it is time to look at the year that was 'modification style' and scope out what captured gamers imaginations, hearts and of course...

BuzzyBots 2.2 Released

News 2 comments

BuzzyBots has released version 2.2 with some nice added features! The new version fixes many bugs, making this mod a must download!

modDB Takes some time out with the BuzzyBot father!


Part Two of our Halflife Mod Expo feature has just been posted. Now to reiterate what was said in the first part: "If you live under a big rock than this...

Half-Life Mod Expo Interviews

Half-Life Mod Expo Interviews

Feature 15 comments

With the Valve 2002 Mod Expo having come and gone, many may still be wanting information from the fab mods that attended! Thanks to BlueWolf, he has sat...

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